Found the first interview with The Beatles

Found the first interview with The Beatles44 years lay the container with the recording of the interview of the Beatles in a damp garage London, never been opened and was almost thrown out in the trash. He lay among 64 other containers until he found a movie buff Richard Jeffs.A nine-minute interview was shown on Scottish television channel STV on 30 April 1964. The most notable is that, despite the fact that the container under the influence of age and damp, covered with rust, fragile 60-millimeter film survived. Now the film is in a special storage - Milton Keynes, kept at the proper humidity and temperature.Joerg Piper, author of the book, devoted to the appearances of the Beatles in film and television, said that the find is the earliest surviving recording of The Beatles longer than minutes that were filmed in the UK. During the interview the band members, already famous in the UK but have not yet received the world popularity a lot of jokes.Journalist Paul young interviewed George Harrison and Ringo Starr, and his colleague, Morag hood - John Lennon and sir Paul McCartney. While Lennon, McCartney, and hood were sitting in chairs, and Harrison, Starr and young - on the floor.Yang said that during the filming Studio was literally besieged by fans wanting an autograph, but the musicians chose to leave quietly, coming through the back door.Today, July 1, 2008 the interview was reproduced in part in the broadcast by the British radio station BBC. Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan refused to pose for Playboy

Lindsay Lohan refused to pose for PlayboyLindsay Lohan refused to 700 thousand dollars, which offered her a Playboy magazine. In the January edition of marks 55, and the anniversary edition, the editors wanted to put an 8-page photo shoot Lohan Nude.The representative of the actress told the magazine: "If Lindsay should be naked in the pictures, the answer is no. She will not allow such mistakes again, as it was with New York magazine".Then Lindsay photographed without clothes in the way Marilyn Monroe.However, some tabloids suggest that, showing unexpected modesty, Lohan is just trying to increase the proposed fee. Source: Lindsay Lohan refused to pose for Playboy. . . Читать полностью -->

Nani Bregvadze will come to Russia

Nani Bregvadze will come to RussiaPeople's artist of the USSR and Georgia Nani Bregvadze will continue to play in Russia, despite the deterioration of Russian-Georgian relations. Bregvadze is going to come to Russia in late October, ITAR-TASS reported.The singer scheduled concerts in several cities. "While I will not say what," said the Director of its team Ilya Magradze. After the Russian tour Bregvadze going to speak to the Ukraine.Now, according to Magradze, the singer is indisposed and her very sorrowful events.Speaking about Russian-Georgian conflict, Magradze noted that the "artists here at anything - they are not responsible for the actions of politicians, and warm human relationships will never cease.". . . Читать полностью -->

Ronaldo will return home

Ronaldo will return homeCareer of the famous striker in Europe, apparently, has come to an end. Further career development Ile Phenomenological presented to the media the entire world huge interest.Apparently, any intrigue from the Brazilian more can be expected. 31-year-old striker is likely to return to their native countries, where they will continue competing in the composition of Flamengo."We have an agreement with the agent of the player," said FLA President Marcio Braga. "As soon as he recovers from the injury, we will sit at the negotiating table and complete all the formalities. Nurses Flamengo closely following the progress of his recovery. He is our main transfer target". Читать полностью -->

In Miami is the beach fashion week

In Miami is the beach fashion week Today we continue photos from Miami Swim Fashion Week and we offer you to look at the brightest (in our opinion) moments of the beach shows collections of Ed Hardy, Red Carter, Luli Fama, Pistol Panties, Tommy Bahama and Cia Maritima.Source: Miami is the beach fashion week (photos). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears was allowed to see the children

Britney Spears was allowed to see the childrenThe career of Britney Spears, it seems, went to the mountain: the past year saw the release of her new album, and the current brought the star three nominations at the Video Music Awards, one of which is in the category "Best pop ispolnitelnitsa".On the personal front too, there has been a change for the better. After an investigation lasting several months, the court allowed Britney to see the children. Now deprived of parental rights, the mother will again be able to meet up with her boys, Sean Preston and Jaden James, whom I hadn't seen for six months.This victory was gave to the singer great difficulty and considerable means. The right to communicate with his sons at a cost of Britney at $700 thousand. That is the amount she has to pay in fees to lawyers. Will get a lawyer Stacy Phillips, who, according to her, within four months worked the case, Spears and demanded for their services $407 thousand. Читать полностью -->

Singer Vitas will soon become a father

Singer Vitas will soon become a fatherFamous singer Vitas 4 months to be a father. "The main alarm system of the Russian stage", so with the filing Galkina ironically called, perhaps, the most loud-voiced artist of our time, will soon feel all the delights of fatherhood.The wife of a brilliant representative of a music shop, 24-year-old Svetlana at the 5th month of pregnancy. The outrageous singer, in his time, killed outright by a numerous army of fans, not a stranger to simple family happiness. Now the couple, secretly signed about two years ago in Ukraine, happily awaiting the birth of the long-awaited first child.- I am very happy for the guys, they've been planning the completion of the family, one might say, have been preparing for this - shared with LIFE.RU close family friend Vitaly.Now Svetlana, despite noticeably rounded tummy, accompanied everywhere by his star wife, attending numerous social events. Source: Singer Vitas will soon become a father. . Читать полностью -->