Famous female athletes in Playboy

Famous female athletes in Playboy Photoshoot promising American tennis player Ashley Harkleroad for Playboy magazine caused a heated debate in the United States.Photos of tennis players will appear in the August issue of the magazine. According to the expert, Andrea Adelson, Harkleroad was 17 famous athlete, who stars for this erotic publications.First, in 1998, became a German figure skater Katarina Witt. Two-time Olympic champion, four-time world champion graced the December issue.In April and September 1999 in Playboy appeared professional rustlers Saber (aka Rena Mero). In November of the same year, colleague support MIA St. John.Exactly one year later appeared in the magazine, another representative of the Rite (aka joanie Laurer). In January 2002 she re-appeared on the pages of the publication.In 2001 for Playboy naked famous volleyball player and model Gabrielle Reece, one of the best players on the team of Florida state University.In may 2002, pages edition decorated the host of the TV show "Fitness" channel ESPN Kiana Tom. Читать полностью -->

The ranking of the most tearful movie

The ranking of the most tearful movieDon't know about you, but I really love from the heart to weep for some lifetime TV movie. And, apparently, I'm not alone.For example, the Sporting News ranked films that even athletes are forced to drop the avaricious man's tears. See which movies can touch Alexander Ovechkin Nikolai Valuev:20 location of the film "it's a wonderful life" 1946 release. How desperate to the insurer from heaven to earth came down guardian angel.On the 19th line, "Schindler's List", the story which, I think, no need to retell.18 is the position of "Radio wave". The film is about a depressed police, managed using the radio to communicate with his late father.17 the film "dead poets Society" by Peter Weir. About private boarding school for boys, new teachers and a love of poetry. Читать полностью -->

Mathematician named fashion 80's unnatural

Mathematician named fashion 80's unnaturalProfessor of mathematics at Oxford University said that popular in the 1980-ies extravagant hairstyles were not only questionable from the point of view of good taste, but also contrary to the natural ideas of beauty, reports the Telegraph.Marcus du Sotw (Marcus du Sautoy), the author devoted to the symmetry of the book "In search of moonlight" (Finding Moonshine), called asymmetric hairstyles "worst extreme," that his compatriots fell into the ' 80s.The Professor emphasized on what kind of caused your hair soloists British group A Flock of Seagulls and The Human League.In his speech at the ongoing UK Cheltenhem science festival du Sotw explained that in nature, symmetry is always a symptom of something significant and attracts attention.In particular, the physical symmetry can serve as an indicator of good genetic data of a particular individual, and therefore its attractiveness as a sexual partner.The Professor also referred to the Scottish study, University of Stirling, which showed that people, regardless of their race is considered a symmetrical face is more attractive. Du Sotw not explained whether the associated asymmetrical hairstyles with facial asymmetry, but categorically concluded that the fashion of the 80s should remain in the past. Source: Mathematician called the fashion of the 80's unnatural. . . . Читать полностью -->

Mel b pulled on obscenity

Mel b pulled on obscenityMel b went on a promotional tour, which will show his countrymen the latest Ultimo lingerie collection. The star had just left the beaches of Miami and returned to Albion to make advertising, writes The Sun.Now everyone can appreciate how elegant lingerie corresponds to the Mel b forms.According to some, myself Melanie brown was so pleased with the novelty that pulled her in filth. At first she'd felt his charms, and then said: "Surprisingly, my Boobs look in this lingerie so huge".Brown adds that the clothes from the new collection perfect her figure. The star admits that she likes to walk around naked, but in that bra she is born like the feeling of nakedness."Pepper girl" was left in awe of Ultimo and immediately said it was ready to demonstrate this underwear as one by one, in front of a crowd of fans."For me, this underwear is a sure way to sexuality and femininity," explained Mel b.London was the starting point of the "Busty" tour Melanie brown. Further the charm of the singer, Packed in Ultimo, will see the inhabitants of Glasgow and Liverpool.Last night brown in the company of her husband Stephen Belafonte visited the Crystal club in the West end. Before that, she attended the award Woman of the year, established by the magazine Glamour. Читать полностью -->

Malinovskaya recognized as the sexiest Russian woman

Malinovskaya recognized as the sexiest Russian woman Every year the popular men's magazine FHM picks the sexiest women from all over the world. In this year's honours list included fifteen Russian beauties, including the inimitable presenter and MP Masha Malinovskaya.On prize Mary stole the show with its beauty, dress by Roberto Cavalli Malinovskaya looked like a Greek goddess.- Award from FHM I received the second time, so already two awards adorn my dressing table, and I'm not going to stop, " said Malinovskaya. Source: Malinovskaya recognized as the sexiest Russian woman (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Announced the nominees `Emmy`

Announced the nominees `Emmy`American telecome announced the nominees for the 60th ceremony "Emmy". With 23 nominations (in a huge number of categories) is a leader mini-series "John Adams".In second place with 17 mentions was the Comedy show "30 Rock" last year's winner in the category of best Comedy series. Also for the title of best sitcom will compete series "Curb your enthusiasm ", "entourage" "the Office" /Office/ (2005) and "Two and a half men". And all five previously competed for the "Emmy", although "Enthusiasm" and was left without a nomination last year.16 nominations from Mad men. Also for the title of best drama series claim "Lawyers Boston", "Damage", "Dexter", "house MD" and "Stay alive" . The winner last year in this category was "house". Читать полностью -->

Mom Paris Hilton will play the wife of Tom cruise

Mom Paris Hilton will play the wife of Tom cruiseThe mother of the famous scandalous socialite Paris Hilton, Katie, will appear on the screen as the wife of Tom cruise's character in the new movie "Tropical thunder".49-year-old mother of four children - daughters Paris and Nicky and sons Barron and Conrad, told friends that she starred in the new Comedy Ben Stiller last winter, but still hid it and never told even children, though, and eagerly waited for the pictures on the screens.According to a source, Katie delighted with Tom cruise, she said he treated her very warm when shooting together and she was so comfortable to work with.This is not the first acting role of the mother of Paris Hilton, she appeared in episodes of popular American TV show The Young and The Restless. In the movie "Tropic thunder" starring Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack black. As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, the picture will be released later this year. Source: Mom Paris Hilton will play the wife of Tom cruise. . . Читать полностью -->

Nicole Kidman became pregnant through the waterfall

Nicole Kidman became pregnant through the waterfallWithin a few years of marriage with Tom cruise Nicole Kidman was never able to carry a child and attempts to get pregnant ended in miscarriages.However, with second husband, Keith urban, 41-year-old actress still managed to become a mother. Kidman, who gave birth to a daughter in July of this year, said in an interview with Australian Women's Weekly that I got pregnant by... the waterfall.During the filming of the movie "Australia" Kidman swam in the lake Kununurra, picturesque waterfalls which attract tourists, by accident, find themselves in the North-West of Australia. "I would have never thought really be able to get pregnant and have a baby, but it happened during the filming of the movie," said Nicole in an interview with Australian Women's Weekly, adding that six other women who took part in the filming of the tape and floating in the lake, also became pregnant. Source: Nicole Kidman became pregnant through the waterfall. . Читать полностью -->

The Spears father would sell his daughter to the former son-in-law

The Spears father would sell his daughter to the former son-in-lawBritney Spears was again traded, this time to his own family. The father of the prodigal pop Princess wants to give his daughter in marriage. The most likely candidate for the role of husband and daughter, 53-year-old Jamie sees...her ex-husband.According to sources close to the family Spears, Jamie got in contact with Kevin and motherhood. It is known that the ex-son-in-law have long been experiencing serious financial difficulties. Spears-senior openly offered him a tidy sum of money (nearly three million euros!), in that case, if it again leads his daughter down the aisle. According to Jamie, the family life will keep the 26-year-old Britney from booze, in addition, their two sons should grow up in a complete family.However, according to rumors, the More conditions are not accepted. Читать полностью -->

Madonna kind to clean

Madonna kind to cleanClean - the guarantee of health. And as a pledge of glory and fortunes. Apparently, it is the main motto that should be a world famous pop Queen Madonna.Otherwise, why would the legend of the world pop scene so respectful of perfect purity, which must be not only in its numerous mansions around the world, but also in all the hotels where she plans to spend at least one night.As told by employees of a luxury hotel in nice French, where during his world tour and should stay picky Madonna, they advance the order came to make the room all stars, sorry, bowls and carefully disinfect them. Supported the staff and the staff of the concert hall Palais Nakaia, where Madonna will present his show. They did exactly the same order. Moreover, personal toilet singer, after a thorough disinfection ( in the paper from the stars is even stated how necessary to carry out a similar procedure) no one shall approach closer than 5 meters. Читать полностью -->

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