John Lennon's widow has lost the rights to the song husband

John Lennon's widow has lost the rights to the song husbandThe iconic song of John Lennon's "Imagine" will be performed in a scientific documentary challenging the official version of the theory of evolution and is part of a debate with the legendary guitarist and composer of the group "Beatles".Widow Lennon Yoko Ono are unable to prohibit the use of the composition of her late husband.The song "Imagine" of John Lennon, according to a poll by BBC News, was named British radio listeners most beloved musical composition.At the preliminary hearing on Monday, district judge Sidney Stein said that in the case of formal consideration of the case, the verdict will be issued, likely in favor of the filmmakers. The fact that 15-second clip of a song used for the purposes of discussion and criticism, as permitted by law.The subject of discussion in the film, in particular, was the quote "Imagine there's no countries, Not because it's too difficult, Not to die and to kill, And religion, too, is no more." This assumption about the disappearance of religion in his time made the anthem of hippies and pacifists forbidden song in Anglican schools.Yoko Ono tried to prevent the release of the film for copyright infringement, reports RIA "Novosti". After the trial was circulated a press release in which it was reported that the producers of the movie "stole her right to say no", choosing to allow the use of the songs of John Lennon, and who does not.Manufacturers of popular science films from the company's Premise Media Corp., on the contrary, welcomed the preliminary verdict, which, in their opinion, protects the right to freedom of speech. Source: John Lennon's Widow has lost the rights to the song husband. . . Читать полностью -->

Bill Murray completed the divorce process

Bill Murray completed the divorce processFamous Hollywood actor bill Murray has completed the divorce process with his wife, with whom he lived together for almost 11 years. Divorce approved by the court for the district Charleston (South Carolina) a month after filing.According to a report released on Thursday, the extracts from the court's decision, the four children of the couple will bring up former actor's wife Jennifer Butler Murray.The bill received the right to meet with their children and the obligation to pay child support. Jennifer depart two houses on Sullivan's island (SC) and in California. Other details of the divorce agreement, at the insistence of ex-spouses, will not be disclosed, reports ITAR-TASS.57-year-old Murray is familiar to lovers of Russian cinema. In 1982 he starred in tandem with Dustin Hoffman in the film "Tootsie". Really loud glory bill brought the cult film "Ghostbusters" in 1984.Then came "Groundhog Day" (1993), "Academy of Rushmore" (1998) and "lost in translation" (2003). Читать полностью -->

Boxer Vitali of Skraba found dead with a knife in his chest

Boxer Vitali of Skraba found dead with a knife in his chestFamous Belarusian boxer Vitali of Skraba found dead in his apartment in the Minsk region.About it reports "Interfax" with reference to the Chairman of the Public Association "Belarusian professional Boxing" Edward Dubovsky.Skraba was found dead with a knife in his chest in a locked apartment in Salihorsk. Body Scruby was found by his mother. In the Salihorsk district police Department are inclined to believe it was a suicide, said Dubovsky.Skraba was the champion of Belarus in professional Boxing, had title fights with the famous Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev, recalled the interlocutor of the Agency. Source: boxer Vitali of Skraba found dead with a knife in his chest. . . Читать полностью -->

Alyssa Milano in a too short skirt

Alyssa Milano in a too short skirt During her career Alyssa Milano starred in only one film - "the cat in the bag".Source: Alyssa Milano in a too short skirt (photos). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

John McCain left his wife of a disabled

John McCain left his wife of a disabledThe candidate of the Republican party for President of the USA John McCain received the first serious blow to the image of a principled and moral hero of the Vietnam war.Vulnerable place McCain became his first wife Carol, who attracted the attention of journalists and gave the first interview. Now John appears everywhere with his current wife, cute blonde Cindy. But shadow behind him stands another woman, the mother of his three oldest children, about which he would like to forget. When in 1965, John married her, she was irresistible beauty, top model, advertising swimwear. Carol remained faithful to her husband and brought up his children in the time he's five and a half years vanished in a Vietnamese prison.But when, in 1973, McCain returned from captivity, he found that his Queen of beauty has changed a lot after a terrible car accident. With severe fractures and internal injuries and Carol was taken to hospital, where six months surgeons saved her life, spending 23 operations. Читать полностью -->

Ex-wife accuses Plushenko in evasion from payment of the alimony

Ex-wife accuses Plushenko in evasion from payment of the alimonyEx-wife of Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko Maria Ermak accuses ex-wife of evasion from payment of the alimony.Not had time to subside trial of passion between Plushenko and Ermak relating to divorce and division of property, as between them there was a new conflict.- The other day I called Masha with ridiculous accusations that I allegedly not paying child support, - said Eugene. Is it right to attack some! They all want to take away from me.Little boy Egor is not the first time becomes the object of a showdown between the former spouses. After a scandalous divorce Mary for a very long time were not allowed to Eugene and his family to see a loved child. Only a court Olympic champion had won the right to see the baby. But before Plushenko relax as Mary again went on the attack.- I don't know that next time he comes at her with my ex! - outraged the celebrated athlete. I tried to explain to her that all pay properly, but it and hear me wants. Читать полностью -->

Awarded the theatre award `crystal Turandot`

Awarded the theatre award `crystal Turandot`Solemn ceremony of awarding the laureates of 2008 took place in the Tretyakov gallery on Monday night.The main prize, the highest theatrical award "crystal Turandot" was awarded the Russian academic youth theatre for a production of "the Coast of utopia" and the Chekhov Moscow art Theater for the play "the little humpbacked Horse", reports "Interfax".The play "the Coast of utopia," directed by Alexei Borodin is a trilogy, which takes about eight hours. In the play, 68 actors for whom cooked 1350 costumes.As noted by a leading award, actress of the Vakhtangov theatre, Maria Aronova, who came to the ceremony dressed as Princess Turandot, "in this play tells the Ogarev, Belinsky, Turgenev, about the fate of Russia and its destiny".The creators of the show "Konyok Gorbunok" was awarded the well-known writer - satirist Mikhail Zhvanetsky, noting that with pleasure watched the play with the whole family. "This success even I have not had the play was excellent, and I say this with great effort," he joked Zhvanetsky."Crystal Turandot" in the nomination "best Director" went to Kama Ginkas. Best actress of the season, according to the jury, was performed by the actress Alexandra Zakharova in the classic play "Marriage".Best debut is recognized as the theatre of Nations "Swedish match", and the prize for the best scenography also received the Chekhov Moscow art theater for the play "the little humpbacked Horse".Nominated for "best actor" this year has not found its owner. "For us it is very important to note the striking phenomenon, if such phenomena did not happen, there is no need to label anyone," - said earlier in the press conference, the founder of the prize, producer and Director Boris Belenky."Crystal Turandot "for honor and dignity" this year was awarded the people's artist of Russia, the stage designer Boris Messerer and actor Igor Kvasha. And a special prize "the crystal sprout" was awarded the theatre Ingenuous that is played by actors with down syndrome."They are like a germ - a fragile small, but absolutely outstanding. Читать полностью -->

Rihanna spent the weekend in the Caribbean with her lover

Rihanna spent the weekend in the Caribbean with her lover They are the hottest couple R&B, they are called "new Beyonce and Jay-Z". Sultry beauty Rihanna and the black singer Chris brown continue to argue that they're just friends, but sweet couple is no longer able to conceal his passion, writes The Gossip Girls.Rihanna and Chris spent their weekends at home pop diva in Barbados, on the coast of the warm Caribbean sea. The paparazzi caught the stars of R&B when they swam, sunbathed and riding on a water scooter. After Rihanna errands on the waves on the ATV, Chris carefully helped her out of the water on an inflatable mattress, and after a 19-year-old young man rolled his lover on his shoulders.When 20-year-old bombshell was tired to engage in water sports, she slowly strolled along the beach, dressed in a bright bikini: striped Zebra bra and bright yellow panties that is even more emphasized her gorgeous slim figure.Recall that the pop star met Chris last year when the guy did a Remix for her megahit "Umbrella", turning it into a song "Cinderella Under The Umbrella (Cinderella under the umbrella"). And while they work together on the latest single from Rihanna's Disturbia, which occupies the 9th place in the music charts of Europe and the USA. However, it is possible that ratings in the music Chris will soon catch up with her talented girlfriend in a few weeks he is expected to release new single "Kiss Kiss".Rumors of a romantic connection between the singers went, in February when Rihanna brought Chris to meet her family in Barbados, then during her concert a young man sat next to the father of the girl Ronald Fenty. Читать полностью -->

Opens the 32nd Montreal film festival

Opens the 32nd Montreal film festivalTonight starts the 32nd Montreal international film festival. The first thing residents and guests of this canadian city will see the premiere of the new film Director of "Les Choristes" by Christophe Barratier's "the Suburbs 36".In order to get this tape, selector festival Serzh Lasico had to endure a real fight, because in Montreal and it is rarely a show at the opening of the film. Directorial debut Barratt - "Les Choristes" - became in time an event in the film world and brought the creators of the nomination on "Oscar" in the category "Best foreign language film" and "Best song". But few people know that "Les Choristes" was first shown in Montreal - drama the festival was closed in 2004, after which he received rave reviews in the press and became a hit.And the Suburbs of 36", the premiere of which in Montreal will arrive the Director and the leading lady Nora Arnezeder, set in Paris in the mid 30-ies of the last century, where three unemployed artist capture the concert hall to put there own performance.To admit the festival has always had problems with the display quality of French films in recent years. Usually, Montreal decently lost in relation to his opponent - Toronto, the festival which begins in September. There are shown the tape many European paintings find their distributors in the States, and, by the way, as the Premier American cinema in Toronto, many people consider this festival "opening main Oscar race".But the success of "Glee" proved that Montreal is able to support the European and local Francophone films. Читать полностью -->

Victoria Karaseva bear a child of `House-2`

Victoria Karaseva bear a child of `House-2`Victoria Karaseva is one of the brightest participants of the TV project "Dom-2" on channel TNT.For the UPS and downs of her personal life with bated breath watching the whole country.Now tori says that he settled down and found happiness with Vyacheslav Dvorackova. And even willing to have his baby.Victoria, how are you at on the project? Not bored yet here?- No, in any case, because I'm in the right place originally wanted to be. Someone calls it shows someone playing the game, and for me, it's life. The project brings together a very diverse personalities, and to me they are interesting to talk. Everyone has their own house, mine is a "House-2". I've been here for 4 years.- Tell me about your life before the project - where he studied, worked?- The first higher education I received at the Moscow State Institute of Music named Alfred Schnittke in the class of Opera singing, the second in GITIS. Читать полностью -->

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