Naomi Campbell going bald

Naomi Campbell going bald Naomi Campbell recently surpassed herself by frequency of appearance in the pages of the tabloids. This time the world circled pictures that are visibly receding hairline in the hair model.While some are still actively discussing the details of the beating scandalous diva English police officer at Heathrow airport, and the other with curiosity looking at photos from her crazy vacation in Italy, there is a new scandal. Judging by the pictures published in today's Daily Mail, the famous "black Panther" began to go bald.The other day, leaving after dinner in a London restaurant Cipriani, Naomi did not refuse myself the pleasure to pose for the paparazzi. However, one wrong move have spoiled the scene: pulling hair back, miss Campbell has exposed a wide bald spot, which, of course, immediately the one to ... capture all the sighted photographers. Proper arrangement of bald spots in the star's hair was quite visible, but short-sighted Naomi herself showed a balding head in all its glory.By the way, the hair problem is not only of a supermodel. Читать полностью -->

`Vampire` by Edvard Munch is estimated at $35 million

`Vampire` by Edvard Munch is estimated at $35 millionPainting by the famous painter Edvard Munch's "Vampire" exhibited at the auction Sotheby-s and may become the most expensive work of the master.Auction house Sotheby-s puts the canvas Norwegian symbolist Edvard Munch at the auction, which will be held in new York on 3 November.The painting "Vampire" is part of a private collection. This lot, according to preliminary estimates of experts, may leave the hammer for $ 35 million."Vampire" may be the most expensive piece of Munch among his works sold at auction.At present holds the record Norwegian picture of the author of "Girls on the bridge", which in may 2008 was sold for $ 30.8 million dollars. Source: "the Vampire" by Edvard Munch is estimated at $35 million. . . . Читать полностью -->

Donald trump: publicity as a way of life

Donald trump: publicity as a way of lifeHe loves beautiful women - why not organise a prestigious beauty contest? He loves luxury homes it will build them.He loves the risk, the excitement - so will risk his fortune, all lose and then climb to the top. When he need money, he will issue bonds backed only by his word of honor - and will win again. And if you ask how all he does... he will write a book. And it will become a bestseller.He owns the skyscrapers in new York, a network of casinos, as well as contests "Miss America" and "Miss universe". The personality trump is a vivid illustration of the history of the "american dream".Donald John trump was born June 14, 1946 in the family of four children. Читать полностью -->

The legendary Shoe designer has created sandals for $2 million

The legendary Shoe designer has created sandals for $2 millionNo one can answer the question of why women are so hopelessly obsessed with shoes. But sometimes there's only one look at a pair of luxury shoes is enough to understand this weakness.And what if the Shoe manufacturers follow fair sex? Whose heart can resist new sandals from Stuart Weitzman, which are not inferior in value to the ultramodern yacht?This work of art, the American idol of the fashion industry Stuart Weitzman created together c jewelry by Le Vian. They came together not by chance: both brands inherent desire for beauty and the desire to create something spectacular and unusual.Evening shoes, which they presented recently at a party Le Vian in Las Vegas, worth $ 2 million. Hence it is clear that it was not without precious stones, ancient traditions which famous company Le Vian, founded 500 years ago.Sandals have a sleek, slim, sole of leather with silver plated thin thread of diamonds, circles the fingers. Recognizable handwriting Stuart Weitzman! The main feature of the shoes is luxurious ankle bracelet composed of a chain of large drops tanzanite bordered round faceted diamonds. Each tanzanite gem, shimmering in all shades of blue, weighing 16 carats. Читать полностью -->

Iran will not hear Western pop music

Iran will not hear Western pop musicIranian authorities deny the information that the Irish pop singer Chris de Burgh (Chris de Burgh) will give a concert in Tehran. About the concert, to be held in the fall, previously reported by the world media."The Department of music has not yet received any official request for the concert in Tehran Irish singer Chris de Burg. Therefore, no permit statement is not issued", - reported in the Ministry of culture and Islamic guidance of Iran.It was assumed that de Burgh - the author of the famous pop song "Lady in Red" - will perform with a local band "Arjan" 12-seat stadium. This would be a unique event: Western pop musicians gave concerts in Iran since the Islamic revolution of 1979. Rock music is in the country under the de facto ban.In February this year, I had another unprecedented concert with great political resonance: the new York Philharmonic orchestra performed in Pyongyang. After that went even talks that the DPRK can come and Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton), but he eventually said it has no plans to do that. Читать полностью -->

Peter Stein will open the season at the Theatre of Nations

Peter Stein will open the season at the Theatre of NationsOn the opening day of the new season at the Metropolitan Theatre of Nations, which will take place on 25 September, will show a solo performance of "Faust Fantasy" performed by the largest German Director Peter Stein.It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the theater.The project "Faust Fantasy" appeared after Stein undertook an ambitious - dvadtsatifutovyh - the staging of Goethe's Faust at the world exhibition Expo 2000 in Hanover. Composer Arthur Annecchino, who wrote the music to the main show, made her concert Suite, designed for voice and piano.It is associated with the themes of the first, more famous part of the poem. Stein and his pianist Giovanni Vitaletti perform first monologue of Faust, then a monologue Mephistopheles, dialogues, scenes, Walpurgis night, the story of Faust and Marguerite, the final.Stein worked with the current head of the Theatre of Nations Yevgeny Mironov: the latter was busy with the Director in the acclaimed productions of "Orestea" of Aeschylus (1994) and "hamlet" by Shakespeare (1998). Source: Peter Stein will open the season at the Theatre of Nations. . . Читать полностью -->

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