Spain restored windmills don Quixote

Spain restored windmills don QuixoteIn Spain again earned the old windmills that fought the hero of the famous novel by Miguel de Cervantes "don Quixote". The knight of the sad figure took windmills for giants.Three out of ten preserved in the municipality of Campo de Criptana (it is about 200 kilometres South of Madrid) windmills, built over 500 years ago, again powered.Stone white windmills, called Sardinero, Burletta and Infant, almost completely retain their ancient mechanism. For their restoration was allocated 840 thousand euros, marks RIA "Novosti".According to historical Chronicles, in the early seventeenth century, when he wrote the novel "don Quixote", the so-called Mill hills at least 30 windmills. Preserved ten mills were declared in 1979 monuments subject to preservation and restoration.In 2005 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the release of the immortal novel of Cervantes was created tourist route "my Dear don Quixote," which runs along the places where once roamed the Knight of the sad figure.Traveling along the route with a total length of 2.5 thousand kilometers, you can visit the Museum of Dulcinea in the town of Toboso, in the cave of Montesinos, to see dozens of medieval palaces and castles, relax in the old taverns and Inns, where, presumably, stayed a literary hero and in which hikers can vintage dishes described in the novel. Source: Spain restored windmills don Quixote. . Читать полностью -->

Ronnie wood left his wife and went to the young mistress

Ronnie wood left his wife and went to the young mistressThe Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie wood left his wife for 18-year-old waitress from Moscow. According to Katia Ivanova my friends on his page on the social network Facebook, and she aged rock legend moved to his estate in Ireland, notes The Sun.Tineydzherka also boasted to friends that he was shocked by the request of the wife of a rock musician. According to the woman, 53-year-old former model Jo wood begged Kate not to pick up her husband. However the young waitress only smiled: "I didn't pick him, he's gone!". . . Читать полностью -->

Model Jordan has returned to work after surgery

Model Jordan has returned to work after surgeryModel Jordan has returned to work. All day yesterday she spent on the beach, posing for numerous photographers in a revealing bikini the color of sea waves and a cowboy hat, writes The Daily Mail.So Katie Price has decided to celebrate the move to a new home in Surrey, bought it for ВЈ 2.5 million. According to its calculations in a former nursing home should be enough space not only for her three children and husband, but also for individual stables, helipad, gym and pool.The model who just had a surgery for breast reduction, denied reports by some media about what they think about the fourth child.According to her, she is now busy with horses, house, career and just wants to get pleasure from those children that she already has. "The big house doesn't require us to have more children," - says Katie Price.Earlier, Jordan complained that the new plastic surgery will make her postpone conceiving another child. Then, the model admitted that she irritates the idea of an annual rehabilitation after surgery, during which she will have to avoid pregnancy. Source: Model Jordan has returned to work after surgery. Читать полностью -->

Sarah Jessica Parker was disappointed in their spouse

Sarah Jessica Parker was disappointed in their spouseThe relationship of the stars of "Sex and the city" the 43-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, 46-year-old Matthew Broderick, reminiscent of a roller coaster - the UPS, the downs. But a child encourages them to restrain their impulses.According to the American tabloids, in November-February, the Broderick had an affair with some girl. This happened just at the time when Sarah starred in the film "Sex and the city".Representative Broderick Simon Hall did not deny that the revelations, saying only one thing: "no comment!". . . . Читать полностью -->

Basque is unwilling to see his son

Basque is unwilling to see his sonNikolay Baskov and his ex-wife Svetlana broke up many months ago. However, recently in a press there was new information about the divorce of the spouses.The scandal was hanging Nicholas in Kiev, where he submitted to Metropolitan Volodymyr a petition for debunking.Ex-wife of Nicholas his initiative surprised. It turned out, the couple has long been debunked, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets."And we have long been debunked," said Svetlana. On my initiative. Six months ago! I didn't want this man continued to be my husband before God. We debunked in the same Church, and where crowned. Читать полностью -->

Sienna Miller got in touch with a large multimillionaire

Sienna Miller got in touch with a large multimillionaireArranging his personal life, British actress Sienna Miller, does not shun any means.Pre-breaking the heart of her ex-fiance Rhys Infas, Sienna got in touch with a married multimillionaire with four children, writes The Daily Mail.Western media enthusiastically discuss novel 26-year-old actress with 33-year-old actor, a former drug addict, heir to an oil Empire, Getty Oil Company, Balthasar Getty.Thus, according to the tabloid, Sienna and Balthazar were together for a few nights. In turn, the actor's wife Rosetta, learning about the adventures of her husband, immediately flew along with their four children in Italy.It is unknown what the outcome of a new love adventure fatal blonde Miller. In fact Balthazar Getty has never been exemplary behavior - at one time he suffered from addiction and conquered the hearts of Hollywood Actresses such as drew Barrymore and Mila Jovovich. Source: Sienna Miller contacted a large multimillionaire. . . Читать полностью -->

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