Timberlake came to the presentation of Givenchy in dirty shoes

Timberlake came to the presentation of Givenchy in dirty shoes The popular musician will now introduce a new men's fragrance brand Givenchy. The contract has been signed posters ready (see them in our photo gallery).Yesterday, Timberlake arrived in Paris on the Champs Elysees was a presentation of a new perfume called "Play", reports Just Jared. Now he is the official face of the company and will represent the new product from Givenchy all over the world.At the presentation of Justin surprised everyone with his appearance, or rather the contradiction created between advertising and reality. In a stylish black-and-white photographs, he appeared in a classic suit, calm and courageous, while the presentation was even and tie, but in muddy boots-military. Where on the Champs Elysees Timberlake managed to get dirty so, for us, remains a mystery. Source: Timberlake came to the presentation of Givenchy in dirty shoes (photo). Читать полностью -->

Viktor Belan no longer hidden behind the `Dima Bilan`

Viktor Belan no longer hidden behind the `Dima Bilan`Alias Dima Bilan in the last few years gives rise to new proceedings. After the Moscow city court ruled that Dima Bilan can perform all the hits that he recorded in collaboration with the late Yuri ayzenshpisa, around the name of the singer new scandal erupted.Viktor Baturin after divorce with Yana Rudkovskaya was claimed ownership of the name "Dima Bilan" and claimed that the singer and his producer owes him a large sum.For Yana Rudkovskaya this state of Affairs was almost critical, because to lose Bilan she could not, given the success achieved, the singer for the last time. But henceforth, for "Dima Bilan" never hides Viktor Belan - it is the real name of the Bilan. The singer officially became a - in his passport clearly says "Dima Bilan". Yana Rudkovskaya, which reported the news, unable to hide her immense joy."As you know, Dima passport - Viktor Nikolaevich Belan. But for us, this name terrifies and already dreaming of nightmares. Читать полностью -->

Pugachev marries Maxim Galkin

Pugachev marries Maxim GalkinThe prima Donna of the Russian show business 59 year old Alla Pugacheva already begun preparations for the upcoming wedding with Maxim Galkin.First of all, as befits the bride, the singer ordered a wedding dress from a close friend - a famous fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin, which it is - almost the only - trusts the most.DressAs befits a star of the first magnitude, Alla has taken care to dress for such an important ceremony was designed by a special individual sketch of the leading Russian fashion designers. Recall, Yudashkin for many years a close friend of the family Pugacheva: his design taste is the woman who sings, not the slightest doubt.- The dress itself will be like a true Queen outfit, - said one of the assistants of the designer. - Will soon be finally approved sketch and design house Yudashkin will start performing star of the order.The proposalAs previously reported by "TD", the greatest wedding in the history of Russian show business is not far off. It's amazing - not max proposed to his Muse, and the diva called Galkina down the aisle. Alla Borisovna has said on the birthday of the beloved: "Maxim, I will not give you to anyone! Just so you know - anyone. And, probably, Eugene!". Читать полностью -->

Call girl talked about abortion Malinovskaya

Call girl talked about abortion MalinovskayaFor several months in the yellow press have been a love triangle Masha Malinovskaya, businessman Denis and some of Yana Tess. Not once it was reported that Denis gave Mache expensive gifts and at the same time had an affair with Jana.It's a complicated story began in Courchevel, where Malinovskaya went to rest in the new year holidays. There Mary met with Jana, who was invited to the resort as escort influential friends Malinovskaya, in one word she needed was for them to have fun in between dancing and skiing. Yana was paid not only stay at the resort, but for an intimate relationship with the aforementioned businessman Denis, the girl got watch CHANNEL 3 thousand dollars. During the rest Yana asked to be photographed with Malinowska and her friend Dennis, in the future, these photos have played a role in spreading dirty rumors about Masha. Five months later, when Yana Tess decided to become a singer, in order of PR she sold photos of Courchevel and spread the rumor about an intimate relationship between her, Malinovskaya and Denis. Читать полностью -->

Leontiev danced naked `group love`

Leontiev danced naked `group love` Singer Valery Leontiev suggested their ballet dance team naked. No, he does not make the team in exhibitionists, just for his new album, the singer organized a photo shoot with the unambiguous title "Group love".Leontiev loves to appear "Nude", and decided that his ballet team such a proposal will not confuse. But I was wrong... the Dancers gave the singer a real boycott, the newspaper "Life"."We're not going to undress! they said the chief. "We embarrassed each other!". The singer, already walking around the Studio in the buff, very surprised: "I didn't realize you're with me came from Striptease, estranged, or what?". Читать полностью -->

Carla Bruni wants to become a mother

Carla Bruni wants to become a motherFrance's first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has denied the rumors about her pregnancy. "Will it happen? It's hard to say.In any case, when you're 40, it's much harder than when you are 25," said the model in one of his interviews. And added that I would very much like to be a mom to another child.Rumors about the pregnancy of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy appeared after France's first lady has appeared on fashion Week and on some other social events. Reuters reminds that Carla Bruni already has a child whose father was a philosopher Raphael Enthoven. And the President of France has three adult sons, Pierre, Jean and Louis.However, the first lady of France has made it clear that her thoughts are not only family, but also work. She explained why she decided to pursue a career of the singer: "It's 2008. Читать полностью -->

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