The star of the TV series `Happy together` will be married

The star of the TV series `Happy together` will be married21-year-old Dasha Sagalova not as outspoken in real life as her character Sveta Bukina from the Comedy sitcom TNT. The blonde carefully conceals his private life from prying.But in the near future sexy actress will get married lady.The young man Sagalovoi Maxim recently did Dasha offer hands and hearts. Roman Dasha and wealthy 30-year-old businessman has lasted long enough. The actress believes his chosen ideal, but until recently was not in a hurry to legalize their relationship.- I still live in civil marriage or officially sign, recently admitted Dasha. But when I figure that my man 100 percent, will be betrothed to him.Apparently, this understanding came. Anyway, surrounded by Actresses talk about the approaching wedding party.- Dasha - a remarkable man! - told one of the employees of the theatre, which occupied Sagalova. Читать полностью -->

Plushenko will cause Baturina to fight in TV show

Plushenko will cause Baturina to fight in TV showOne and a half years as a celebrated Evgeni Plushenko happy with his girlfriend, producer of Dima Bilan Yana Rudkovskaya.A pair of long concealed their relationship, and because of Yana and Zhenya were in the midst of divorce proceedings. However, now the stars of sports and show business do not deny that happy together. However, overshadows the idyll of the problems with ex-spouses, says Komsomolskaya Pravda.The fact that the ex-spouses do not allow Plushenko Rudkovskaya and to see the children. But at Yana's showdown with Victor Baturina has turned into a real war - in almost every interview Baturin ex-wife commemorates a bad word."Viktor lately offends not only me and Dima, but Evgeni Plushenko. We with Eugene already ran out of patience!" - admitted to the correspondent of KP Yana Rudkovskaya. At the same time, Eugene is extremely outraged that Baturin on every corner offends his bride. Читать полностью -->

George and Laura Bush divorce because of Condaliza rice

George and Laura Bush divorce because of Condaliza riceRecently in the American "yellow press" had spread rumors that George and Laura Bush are going in November this year, will expire as soon as the presidential term of Bush, to announce his divorce.According to the publications of the Newspapers, it was so bad that the couple almost not talking. One of the employees of the White House said that once the presidential couple quarreled to the point that an angry Laura left the presidential residence, and spent the night nearby hotel.Close Laura say that she was very tired, and determined to leave with her husband. "They continue to stay together as if to "save face" while George Bush is President," they say.According to those same close-to-Chet Bush, the presidential couple have already discussed the terms of the divorce. Soglasno agreements, Laura will receive compensation in the amount of $ 20 million.According to the version of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the cause of the crisis of family relations became a novel of George Bush with Secretary of States Condoleezza rice. Source: George and Laura Bush divorce because of Condaliza rice. . Читать полностью -->

Young Russian Directors prepare `fabulous` revolution

Young Russian Directors prepare `fabulous` revolutionDespite the fairly intensive development of contemporary Russian cinema, films for children, we have removed very little.This adverse situation has decided to fix a few young filmmakers, graduates of VGIK, led by Elizabeth Solomina, man, in which the global idea of "the Tale of the twenty-first" and took real shape."Skazka XXI" is a project unprecedented for our children's movie, neither in form nor in content. The picture consists of 4 short stories, 4 stories, each of which takes a separate Director. All of the participants are quite young Directors - in addition to the Elizabeth Solomina novel will be put Alexander Barshak, Konstantin Statskiy and Bakur Bakuradze. Bakuradze from this company the most titled. At the recent Kinotavr it with the movie "Shultes" took the Grand Prix.It all started, says Elizabeth, with her course work. She wrote the script, which gradually acquired three more stories, and which showed a great interest many people from the film business. Читать полностью -->

Takeshi Kitano: I don't like Directors

Takeshi Kitano: I don't like DirectorsThe Director Takeshi Kitano in Moscow was very extensive program. Received from the hands of Nikita Mikhalkov's "George" for contribution to world cinema, he is Japanese carefully Packed my tuxedo in a suitcase.After a few days Mr. Kitano went to a master class in cinematography in a lightweight striped jacket (something similar to the jacket, Ostap Bender), thin gray pants and white sneakers.In the auditorium of the Cinematography was Packed. Students sat at each other's shoulders and took place a few hours before the appointed time, the Russian was showing "Dolls" but that future Directors and writers know by heart.Mr. Kitano came without delay, in their continued support of the interpreter, gray-haired woman in a long skirt and with a very measured and calm voice. Unfortunately, as such the master class did not work. Читать полностью -->

Died Russian the avant-garde composer Andrei Volkonsky

Died Russian the avant-garde composer Andrei VolkonskyAs it became known in AIX-EN-Provence in the South of France on Tuesday has died known for the avant-garde composer Andrey Mikhaylovich Volkonsky. Recently he was very ill and was confined to a wheelchair.Andrei Volkonsky was born in Geneva in a family of Russian emigrants in 1933. Since five years he studied music. At the Geneva Conservatoire where his teachers were johnny Aubert and Dinu Lipatti. After moving to Paris to study the piano was added to the composition lessons with Nadia Boulanger.At the end of 1947 Volkonsky move to the USSR, where Andrew send music College in Tambov, to obtain Russian education. In 1950 -1954, he learns on the composition faculty of the Moscow Conservatory in the class of Professor Shaporin. Читать полностью -->

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