Tretyakov was not invited Butovo for your wedding

Tretyakov was not invited Butovo for your weddingEx-participant of the project "Dom-2" Roman Tretyakov celebrate a wedding party and former "house" beloved Olga Buzova was not even invited.The wedding Novel and his bride models Svetlana is scheduled for August 20.- I have postponed his marriage to Olga, because I doubt that anywhere near me need someone admits Roma. - In the Light I do not for a moment doubt.Buzova the couple was not invited for obvious reasons.For her, it will be too big blow, - said Roma. Olga was too grieved our breakup and what I started to meet with Sveta.- I and itself Ohlin presence will not be pleased - said Svetlana. - We already had a very unpleasant story. Source: Tretyakov was not invited Butovo for your wedding. . Читать полностью -->

Fall pregnant marry Mack

Fall pregnant marry MackSinger Maksim preparing for the wedding, which will take place in the autumn. Chosen one 24-year-old singer was her sound engineer Alex, an affair which lasts for more than a year.The pregnant singer was the impetus to encourage young people to think about their future. Boyfriend Maksim, knowing that after seven and a half months will be a daddy, offered his beloved's hand and heart.The only one who all the time knew about a romantic relationship this beautiful couple, were musicians Maksim.According to the edition "Your day", the upcoming ceremony will look like a party. Guests will have a total of about 20 people.Maksim has already signed a contract with one of the elite hospitals for the maintenance of pregnancy. A few days ago, doctors determined her pregnancy to six weeks. After the doctor examined the mother, she visited the office of a specialist who will directly monitor her throughout the pregnancy. Читать полностью -->

Irina Bully about his homosexuality

Irina Bully about his homosexualityThe soloist of the band "Chi-Li" Irina Zabiyaka are comfortable with the rumors about his homosexuality. She is sure that the cause of gossip - her unique voice."...It is more male than female, agree? said the Bully in interview to Agency "Rosbalt". "...most of the artists on the modern stage now singing on high, so my voice is perceived as masculine, and therefore began to say that I am a transvestite or floor replaced...". "Homosexuals of our songs, by the way, love...", - noted the singer.The band "Chi-Li" appeared on the national scene in 2006. Since then, she has released three albums and one DVD. The last disc made in "Chi-Li", was released last July. Читать полностью -->

Serdyuchka discovered the secret of their outstanding amounts

Serdyuchka discovered the secret of their outstanding amountsOn shootings of a new clip of the actress revealed what is under the form of flamboyant conductors.The sexiest conductor Verka Serduchka finally discovered the secret of their outstanding amounts.On the set of new enchanting clip progenitor of the image glib conductors - artist Andrey Danilko - opened the main intrigue of the Russian-Ukrainian show business - what is the secret of impressive forms of Verka Serduchka.ChestTo create the maximum in every sense of the effect the Director of the newly videoshader decided... to increase the already impressive Breasts and appetizing point rear charismatic toilers of the railway. To "operation" to increase the advantages Verka, as, indeed, her mother, was successful in the course were absolutely all the facilities: Bathrobe, someone's soft Slippers worn, crumpled paper and even old towels.- And what are stitched over one day blue t-shirt and panties! In the end, Vera got what we wanted - an energetic and erotic. Real sex bomb, - has shared with "Z" style clip Angela Fox.- Light pad! Do not hesitate! More passion! - encouragement through a megaphone artists video directed by Victor Skuratovsky.ClipFlamboyant artist Andrey Danilko after the shooting, admitted that his new kinousa he once again reminds people about all the virtues of an intimate relationship.- What's wrong with that?! It's about drugs. We talk about normal things! - confidently said "Z" singer.The plot of the new cinturini Essen for the song (which translated to him. "eat, eat". Читать полностью -->

Sergey bodrovu-senior is 60 years old

Sergey bodrovu-senior is 60 years oldFamous film Director Sergei Bodrov, which account for more than 15 paintings, including works such as "prisoner of the Caucasus", "Bear's kiss", "Mongol", June 28, celebrates its 60th anniversary.The future Director was born in Khabarovsk. Dicinal his career as a journalist. On the first of his profession Sergei Bodrov screenwriter, graduated from the scriptwriting faculty of VGIK in 1974. In his scripts filmed more than 20 films. Sergei Bodrov is one of the most famous in Russia and abroad Directors. His painting "prisoner of the Caucasus" was nominated for "Oscar". Читать полностью -->

The decor in the Comedy Club strained to the limit

The decor in the Comedy Club strained to the limitThe most popular resident of Comedy Club Pavel Volya, Alexander Reva and Garik Martirosyan was replaced by a new generation of comedians. Even a leading role Tasha this season performs Timur Chestnut the Batrutdinov.On another show, the audience were just in disbelief from what did not wait the statements of old residents. Shantel, Alexander Reva and Garik Martirosyan too busy with other projects, and the humorous club they just don't have time.In General, the humor of Comedy has not changed much. The other person, and the subjects of jokes and ways of humorit all the same. Almost every new resident during the filming of the show managed to catch his partner in sexual orientation.Already there is talk that the situation in Comedy Club strained to the limit. All residents who founded the project, went to other channels and started a solo career. Читать полностью -->

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