Catherine Zeta-Jones have lost their shape

Catherine Zeta-Jones have lost their shapeActress Catherine Zeta-Jones, which he called a sex bomb for a chic shape, went on about Hollywood fashion and joined the ranks of "the skinny".Thursday on the set of the romantic Comedy The Rebound in new York star showed off her new, amazing skinny figure, writes The Daily Mail.While the actress had a rest in between filming, black leggings and a tight t-shirt openly showed her skeletone body.As is known, the weight of the actress jumps from year to year. For example, one day, being married to actor Michael Douglas, Catherine said that when she was pregnant with her first child Dylan, "eating for the whole Wales".In their most "heavy" times Katherine weighed about 83 pounds. But to get back in shape after the birth of her daughter Carey 5 years ago, the actress began to train on complicated dance program from the movie "Chicago".Interestingly, the 38-year-old star has repeatedly condemned the obsession of Hollywood "skinny" and warned fans that are disgusted to diet, and eat only when hungry. However, Catherine also known as a sports fanatic, she constantly goes to the gym and crazy Golf.It is worth noting that after The Rebound in the plans Zeta-Jones three new roles - she will star in the movie Law abiding citizen, Racing the Monsoon and Stompanato. Source: Catherine Zeta-Jones have lost their shape. . Читать полностью -->

The Queen sent to the organizers of your rider

The Queen sent to the organizers of your riderReunited rock group Queen, who will perform in Moscow on 16 and 17 September, with guest vocalist Paul Rodgers, demanded from the organizers of his first visit to Russia to announce the Olympic stadium non-Smoking area."Some time ago, the team sent its updated rider, some of which was quite interesting. A separate item in the Ryder Queen highlighted the requirement to restrict Smoking on the platform," the organisers said.Musicians peremptorily demanded from the organizers of execution points identified in the rider: "All backstage space should be declared non-Smoking area. This is a strict requirement! Must be taken every reasonable effort all over the building of the sports complex was non-Smoking. The announcement of "No Smoking", signed by the officials should be plastered all over the site.In addition, it became known that the composition of the team concert Queen will arrive in Moscow about 56 people, 16 of which - directly to the artists, managers and bodyguards, and the remaining 40 technical staff.According to the organizers, "requirements for interior dressing rooms at the Queen quite modest". "All dressing rooms must be equipped with separate toilet and shower with hot and cold water. Also required the presence of full-length mirrors. Читать полностью -->

Star swaps the Studio` Andrei Bocharov broke his ribs

Star swaps the Studio` Andrei Bocharov broke his ribsLast weekend with the legendary "Sonny" from "swaps the Studio" had an accident. As it became known LIFE.RU, Andrew came down with unlit spiral staircases residential houses, stumbled and fell headfirst.With terrible pain all over my body Bocharov bedridden: the doctors came to his home.TraumaAfter Andrew felt a strong pain all over his body, he could hardly stand on his feet. Friends and colleagues immediately called the ambulance to the actor, and "the son" received medical treatment.The diagnosis was disappointing - broken ribs, cracked ribs and numerous bruises on his back.- A few broken ribs, one cracked, severe contusions of the back, and the most annoying was sober, - says Andrew.Now experienced physicians prescribed the artist of strict bed rest. However, even at home, usually where reigneth peace and comfort, Bocharova something interferes. Or rather, someone: a declared enemy of the people ...the cat that is causing the humorist allergies.All night I was attacked by a cat begged to lick the back or I smell it up close. Keeping eyes and hair I have red - shares Bocharov.Leila Mukhamedzyanova Source: Star swaps the Studio" Andrey Bocharov broke his ribs. Читать полностью -->

Keira Knightley won the heart of Ralph Fiennes

Keira Knightley won the heart of Ralph FiennesRalph Fiennes, who, as we found out, didn't kill a kid and ever - dogs, began to sing the praises of his partner in "the Duchess" Kira Knightley.The actor insists that she showed a very Mature approach to the role. Naturally, he judges according to their joint, as they say, very stressful (still, after they played husband and wife, between whom there is love) scenes. Kira, in his opinion, has everything you need to become a real star in Hollywood. Here's what he said in an interview with USA Today:"Kira is a very clean person, amazingly open for her age. She has a natural spontaneity and liveliness. This is the crucial thing, you can't play, and it is".Well, similar words, and even from the lips of the most magnificent actor, which - I hope nobody is going to challenge it, is Fiennes, are expensive. Читать полностью -->

Josh Hartnett can be in the center of the sex scandal

Josh Hartnett can be in the center of the sex scandalThe star of "pearl Harbor" Josh Hartnett can be loud in the center of the sex scandal: according to rumors, in the near future can "float" a video of sex with an unknown girl in a London hotel.Apparently, the passion between Hartnett and his partner was so strong that the couple decided to have sex right in the hotel library in SOHO, not even close to the castle doors. According to the source the British Mirror, the actor, apparently, has forgotten that the resort offers a variety of CCTV cameras installed for security purposes. The library was no exception, and sex of Hartnett was recorded. Moreover, the process itself beheld the employees of the security service of the hotel.After the incident, Josh, who is now preparing in London for a theatre production, had at the request of management to leave the hotel. Source: Josh Hartnett can be in the center of the sex scandal. . Читать полностью -->

Igor Butman became a father for the second time

Igor Butman became a father for the second timeIn the family of Igor Butman, famous saxophonist, producer, Creator of the famous jazz orchestra "big band", and in addition, a member of the popular project "Stars on ice", is a great joy.On Sunday, the musician became a father for the second time. Spouse Oksana Butman gave birth to a charming little boy in the Metropolitan Medical perinatal center. Childbirth as we found out, he took himself the head of the clinic, and all went well.- The boy was born strong, healthy, - told "KP" the press attache of Igor Butman Roman HRISCHUK. - While the mother is still in the hospital.The dream of the heir at Igor Butman came true twice. 12 years ago, Oksana gave birth to their first child, whom they named Daniel. The name for the second son's parents are still kept in secret. Читать полностью -->

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