Sergey Bezrukov has become unrecognizable

Sergey Bezrukov has become unrecognizableActor Sergei Bezrukov recently traveled to St. Petersburg, where together with other artists participated in the concert dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Border guard service of Russia.Fans of the artist drew attention to the fact that the appearance of Sergey has undergone significant changes.Say, at the sight of the actor, the audience just gasped. According to the newspaper "Smena", learn Bezrukov was really hard. First artist on stage was seen in jeans and sweaters. But this time he spoke in a sharp dark suit.However, the audience was surprised not so much change in the clothing style of the artist. Sergey Bezrukov is now a very different person: he has a beard. Читать полностью -->

Ronnie wood girlfriend wrote a love letter

Ronnie wood girlfriend wrote a love letterRonnie wood, who is currently undergoing treatment in an addiction clinic, wrote sentimental love letter to his Russian girlfriend, 18-year-old waitress Katia Ivanova.Girl, I read it when it came out from his apartment with a friend, with fun giggling.The Sun managed to learn the content of the message. In the letter, written by hand, in particular, said: "Know that I think of you with love." Kate laughed when I saw that the author drew on a piece of paper smiling bearded face inside the heart.Downstairs was assigned: "Here we have hard" - the letter was obviously sent Ronnie a rehabilitation center.The observer added: "ESA (so the girl called the British. - Approx. ed smiled and giggled, reading a love letter, as do all teenage girls, getting a note from the guys". "Strange to think that this letter from someone who is older than her 40 years", he added.The waitress Catherine was dressed in a short dress in red-checked jacket when she left yesterday from his shabby apartment in Camden, North London.Earlier, the girl told friends that loves the Rolling Stones star, who is 61 years old and wants to be near him when he will cope with his addiction to alcohol.Friends say that Ronnie still want to keep their 23-year marriage with former model Jo, even though she told him it was over.Catherine's mother, Irene, in turn, said that her daughter, who met with Ronnie in a hick bar in April, fell in love with a rock musician "because of his personal qualities." Source: Ronnie wood girlfriend wrote a love letter. . Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan fuels the rumors about her lesbian relationships

Lindsay Lohan fuels the rumors about her lesbian relationshipsRumors surrounding gay actress Lindsay Lohan getting more confirmations. So the paparazzi once again caught Lindsay along with her 30-year-old girlfriend DJ Samantha Ronson.On the set of a new movie Lohan couple smiling meaningfully and unambiguously embraced, writes the newspaper the Sun.As writes the edition, the girls laughed at the episode of the movie Labor Pains, in which the character Lilo pretends to be pregnant to keep a job. At some point Lindsay even playfully pinched Samantha butt.Recall that the last public display of affection between the girls was held last month at the Cannes film Festival saw them on a yacht musician PI Diddy kissing and cuddling.Commenting on pictures of her unlucky daughter, father Michael Lindsay stated that "for everyone who has at least a half a brain", it is obvious that there novel. Meanwhile, the mother of Lindsay, Dina Lohan, is very evasive answers a question about an affair between Lohan and Ronson. "If she's happy then I'm happy too. Samantha is a great girl. Читать полностью -->

Leader of Oasis urgently hospitalized

Leader of Oasis urgently hospitalized The leader of the British band Oasis, Noel Gallagher admitted to hospital with a suspected fractured rib and ligament rupture after the attack the men, jumped on stage during the band's performance at the festival in Toronto, reports The Times.Attacker musician Daniel Sullivan attacked the Gallagher during a performance of the song Morning Glory right in the middle of performances at the festival, V Festival. Sullivan approached the singer from behind his back and with full force pushed him standing on front of the microphones.The band was forced to stop performing. The injured Gallagher was taken to the hospital, the remaining band members continued with a concert after a 15-minute break.The offender was immediately arrested by the guards, and then he was handed over to the police. Currently, Sullivan released until October 24, when he will have to appear in court on charges of assault.Currently, information on future performances of the group yet. September 12, Oasis needs to give a concert in new York.Source: the leader of the group Oasis urgently hospitalized (video). . Читать полностью -->

Found the remains of Steve Fossett

Found the remains of Steve FossettAmong the wreckage of a millionaire Steve Fossett were found small fragments of his body, reports MSNBC on 3 October. Plane traveller was discovered Thursday in the area of Mammoth lakes in California.According to experts who examined the crash site, the plane Fossett exploded after a powerful hitting the ground. "He probably died instantly," said one of the members of the search team.Earlier it was suggested that the remains of Fossett were completely eaten up by wild beasts and unlikely to be found.Recall that Fossett disappeared in September 2007 while flying in his single-engine plane. In February 2008 the court declared Fossett dead.Fossett, who became rich through investment activities, became famous because he made several non-stop flights around the globe. In addition, he was the first person who managed to reach outer space on a specially designed private spaceship. Source: Found the remains of Steve Fossett. Читать полностью -->

Kiev is preparing for the Youth festival

Kiev is preparing for the Youth festivalFrom 18 to 26 October in Kiev will host the annual international Youth festival.About RAS said General Director of the festival Maxim В¦Liashenko, Director of its programs Mila Novikova and artistic Director of Youth Mr. Khalpakhchi.The opening and closing of the festival will be held respectively on 18 and 26 October, and to direct them invited, like last time, Kiev Director Vladislav Troitsky. According to the organizers, this year their style will differ from the previous one.The festival program will consist of three categories: student films, first professional short film, the first feature-length films.This year there will be a separate program dedicated to Russian cinema, but, nevertheless, according to the organizers, the volume of Russian cinema, which will be presented at the festival, less than will not be.During his Youth, traditionally the documentary film and will also host a series of art exhibitions.We will remind, last year the Youth was held in Kiev from 21 to 29 October. Source: Kiev is preparing for the Youth festival. . . Читать полностью -->

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