The stripper section Alexei Glyzina

The stripper section Alexei Glyzina The restaurant format of the event included slight hooliganism, but what I saw ladies and gentlemen in the restaurant "Stolz", exceeded the most immodest expectations."Russian radio-2" celebrated its anniversary extravaganza holiday "Red letter day"... In the midst of the holiday to the guests entered the strippers, one of whom had his eye on the national pop star Alexis Glyzina.Alex kept his head and not huddled in a corner, which caused the respect of others. Moreover,Glysine already had to carry strippers - Ukrainian contest Striptease in Odessa.And this time he began to get up such that the window glass of the institution almost went out from ecstatic screams, shrieks and clattering.The singer repeatedly told that groupie to him is clearly not indifferent. Some of them heard the rumor that Alex supposedly loves to sign on naked girls ' bodies.And once offended the girls set fire to the apartment of the singer - apparently, he refused to someone in his attention."And the limo lifted fragile handles..." - says Alex."Tore my clothes off, one day on me almost nothing left, so hardly escaped backstage...". . . Читать полностью -->

Eva Mendes starred in ads for Calvin Klein underwear

Eva Mendes starred in ads for Calvin Klein underwear Eva Mendes, which this year is the new face of "Calvin Klein", went to his first photo shoot for advertising lingerie of this fashion house responsibly and appeared in the pictures loaded for bear.Back in March we wrote about the fact that the actress has signed a contract with Calvin Klein. It is a branded line of underwear Seductive Comfort" and perfume "Secret Obsession".Now, the network appeared the only part of the promotional pictures (see our photo gallery). The official campaign will be launched in September. Sexy Eva in lingerie from the UK will appear in the fall issues of Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, In Style, People, Latina, O, The Oprah Magazine and Interview. To photograph this beauty has invited renowned photographer Steven Meisel, who worked with the actress over the advertising of the fragrance Рћbsession, reports the New York Daily News.This advertising campaign is somewhat unusual for a brand IC, is recognized in the fashion house. His representative Tom Murry told that it was decided to abandon thin models, which usually was invited to advertise underwear. Читать полностью -->

Nicolas cage again fights the Apocalypse (trailer)

Nicolas cage again fights the Apocalypse (trailer)Next year comes the Alex Proyas Thriller "Knowing" with Nicolas cage in the title role. The first trailer has appeared online.This time cage is brought before us humble teacher who has to save the world, writes portal to The Hollywood News. The plot of the story takes place in 1958, when at the opening of a new elementary school students were asked to draw pictures for future generations. Then it is the work of the children was placed in the capsule, descendants of which will be open in 50 years. And here in 2008, "a time capsule" solemnly open. Among the pictures found a strange piece of paper with rows of numbers that falls into the hands of one of the pupils. Читать полностью -->

Mike Tyson is accused of the contract killing

Mike Tyson is accused of the contract killingFamous boxer Mike Tyson again came under the attention of the police. At this time it is much more serious than his last associated with Smoking marijuana.Witnesses at the trial of one of new York gangs told the court that Tyson was the customer of murder.This process affects the case of drug dealers from the area of Bedford-Stuyvesant, where previously lived Tyson. The process is dedicated to extortion on their part. A gang called "the Brotherhood of cash" was headed by brothers Damion hardy, nicknamed the World and Myron hardy, nicknamed the Wise.Tyson had to do it at least indirect: with them was related to his friend and bodyguard Darryl Baum speaking with the nickname Killer. He died after in 1999, one of the founders of the "brotherhood" - Myron hardy - was killed. After that, the district began a series of brutal killings of all suspects.According to one witness, after the murder Baum in 2000, Tyson announced a reward of 50 thousand dollars for the murder of Damion hardy. Читать полностью -->

Amy Winehouse beat the fan

Amy Winehouse beat the fan During his speech at the Glastonbury music festival scandalous singer Amy Winehouse has hit one of the spectators.The incident occurred last Saturday on the Pyramid Stage, the second largest stage of the festival, where Winehouse has performed as a headliner. On her show were about 80 thousand people, writes The Daily Mail.In the final concert of Amy Winehouse came down from the stage to the audience and sang to them because of the boom. During the song "Rehab" pretty tipsy star suddenly pushed and then hit the elbow of one of the spectators. Then followed Winehouse representatives of the security service took a star away from the scene.Festival organizer Michael IVIS justify the antics of the singer. According to him, the woman struck Winehouse, provoked the singer, gripping her hair and Breasts.However, witnesses noted a very "upbeat" mood stars: she showed the audience a tongue and spitting in public. According to BBC News, British police are going to investigate this incident - just no one has contacted the police with complaints about the attack on Glastonbury.Saturday's performance at the festival was for Amy Winehouse's first major show in the UK for the last seven months. Читать полностью -->

Vladimir Pozner closed the program `the Times`

Vladimir Pozner closed the program `the Times`Vladimir Pozner made the decision to close the program "Times", which was eight years in the air of the First channel. The author himself explained this decision by the fact that I'm just tired from this program.He said that instead of "Times" will air out a new program, which combined the elements of the interviews and talk shows."She's in the air eight years that the program was such a long time. It seemed to me that to some extent she has exhausted itself. Because we have limited himself to a certain subject, Willy-nilly, had to invite people relevant to the topic. After eight years to find a fresh face extremely difficult", - "Interfax" the words of Posner.In an interview with the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" eminent journalist explained that in this event there is nothing negative."I've spent eight years doing this project. It seems to me that the task I had set initially to ensure that the viewer had more or less accurate picture of what is happening in his own country and what the people involved - it was possible to run.He added that in the end would like to do something else. Читать полностью -->

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