Mom Paris Hilton will play the wife of Tom cruise

Mom Paris Hilton will play the wife of Tom cruiseThe mother of the famous scandalous socialite Paris Hilton, Katie, will appear on the screen as the wife of Tom cruise's character in the new movie "Tropical thunder".49-year-old mother of four children - daughters Paris and Nicky and sons Barron and Conrad, told friends that she starred in the new Comedy Ben Stiller last winter, but still hid it and never told even children, though, and eagerly waited for the pictures on the screens.According to a source, Katie delighted with Tom cruise, she said he treated her very warm when shooting together and she was so comfortable to work with.This is not the first acting role of the mother of Paris Hilton, she appeared in episodes of popular American TV show The Young and The Restless. In the movie "Tropic thunder" starring Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack black. As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, the picture will be released later this year. Source: Mom Paris Hilton will play the wife of Tom cruise. . . Читать полностью -->

Nicole Kidman became pregnant through the waterfall

Nicole Kidman became pregnant through the waterfallWithin a few years of marriage with Tom cruise Nicole Kidman was never able to carry a child and attempts to get pregnant ended in miscarriages.However, with second husband, Keith urban, 41-year-old actress still managed to become a mother. Kidman, who gave birth to a daughter in July of this year, said in an interview with Australian Women's Weekly that I got pregnant by... the waterfall.During the filming of the movie "Australia" Kidman swam in the lake Kununurra, picturesque waterfalls which attract tourists, by accident, find themselves in the North-West of Australia. "I would have never thought really be able to get pregnant and have a baby, but it happened during the filming of the movie," said Nicole in an interview with Australian Women's Weekly, adding that six other women who took part in the filming of the tape and floating in the lake, also became pregnant. Source: Nicole Kidman became pregnant through the waterfall. . Читать полностью -->

The Spears father would sell his daughter to the former son-in-law

The Spears father would sell his daughter to the former son-in-lawBritney Spears was again traded, this time to his own family. The father of the prodigal pop Princess wants to give his daughter in marriage. The most likely candidate for the role of husband and daughter, 53-year-old Jamie sees...her ex-husband.According to sources close to the family Spears, Jamie got in contact with Kevin and motherhood. It is known that the ex-son-in-law have long been experiencing serious financial difficulties. Spears-senior openly offered him a tidy sum of money (nearly three million euros!), in that case, if it again leads his daughter down the aisle. According to Jamie, the family life will keep the 26-year-old Britney from booze, in addition, their two sons should grow up in a complete family.However, according to rumors, the More conditions are not accepted. Читать полностью -->

Madonna kind to clean

Madonna kind to cleanClean - the guarantee of health. And as a pledge of glory and fortunes. Apparently, it is the main motto that should be a world famous pop Queen Madonna.Otherwise, why would the legend of the world pop scene so respectful of perfect purity, which must be not only in its numerous mansions around the world, but also in all the hotels where she plans to spend at least one night.As told by employees of a luxury hotel in nice French, where during his world tour and should stay picky Madonna, they advance the order came to make the room all stars, sorry, bowls and carefully disinfect them. Supported the staff and the staff of the concert hall Palais Nakaia, where Madonna will present his show. They did exactly the same order. Moreover, personal toilet singer, after a thorough disinfection ( in the paper from the stars is even stated how necessary to carry out a similar procedure) no one shall approach closer than 5 meters. Читать полностью -->

Tarantino got to Hitler

Tarantino got to HitlerHaving dealt with the bill, Quentin Tarantino decided to take on Hitler. According to leaked information, the new film will be even more bloody than the previous one. If such thing is possible."Each of you owes me one hundred Nazi scalps. And you will bring me a hundred scalps, cut from the head of hundreds of Nazis, or you can die", -so instructs his soldiers to sabotage the protagonist of the new film a dashing Lieutenant Aldo Raine, whose role will perform brad pitt, quoted an excerpt from the script of The Times.The film will include scenes cut swastikas on the heads of defeated enemies, scenes of strangulation closeup and firing genitals - signature Tarantino style immediately recognizable.The film tells about the fate of a group of American soldiers, Jews by birth, abandoned in deep behind German lines with the aim of sowing chaos and destruction, and, of course, hunt for Nazi scalps. The working title of picture - "Filthy bastards" (Inglorious bastards).Artistic guidance for Tarantino in this case is the American military propaganda 1944-1945 years, and also the early, not yet affected by the political correctness war movies, like "the Dirty dozen" 1967.Filming will begin on October 13 in Berlin, and to complete the work Tarantino plans to the next Cannes film festival, where he intends to present the film.Although filming hasn't started yet, German film critics already grasping at heart - the Germans in the film are portrayed as absolute evil.As noted by one of them, Thomas Knabe in Suddeutsche Zeitung, Tarantino tries to reconcile the irreconcilable - the Holocaust and mass pop culture.In Germany is very strong guilt for the crimes of Nazism, so German culture tends to use this era to talk about the great tragedy of the German people, deceived by their leaders, of the sacrifice of a rare anti-fascists, on heavy atonement. The same point of view they are trying to impose Hollywood and the rest of the world.Tarantino's determined not only to portray the Germans in an extremely negative light, but to turn the great tragedy of the German people in a post-modern banter. Читать полностью -->

At Baskov in the Elevator had an attack of claustrophobia

At Baskov in the Elevator had an attack of claustrophobiaUkraine Nikolay Baskov came to shooting "Christmas light". Arriving in a five-star hotel in the centre of Kiev, tenor panicked: it turned out that his room Suite is located on the top floor.Nicholas tried to explain to the receptionist that continue for several floors in a small iron box", that is, in the Elevator, for him, a real disaster. And it's not the star signs of the disease, but a real phobia.Nikolay Baskov feels uncomfortable in closed spaces - lift and smaller spaces, the artist begins claustrophobic. He again had to panic as soon as he crossed the threshold of their room. It turns out that Nicholas Ryder stated that during the tour he needs a spacious room, with at least two rooms, but instead the singer lived in a narrow room.The artist has felt dizzy, and his assistants helped him to descend to the ground floor at the stairs. The Elevator tenor again did not dare to enter. Читать полностью -->

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