Ashley Harkleroad photographed for Playboy magazine

Ashley Harkleroad photographed for Playboy magazine Rising star of American tennis photographed for Playboy magazine.Rising star of American tennis Ashley Harkleroad appeared in a candid photoshoot for men's magazine.The shooting took place in early 2008, when 23-year-old athlete has recovered after the surgery and did not participate in the competition.The Playboy readers will see pictures Topless Harkleroad in August 2008.Harkleroad said that she accepted the offer to participate in the filming, because proud of her body.According to American women, body female athletes can also be sexy, and she tried to prove.Meanwhile, recently, the American tennis player stated that miss the Olympic games in Beijing.She commented on his decision - "Many are willing to die for the sake of participation in the Olympics, but I'm not. If I had the chance to win a medal, then I probably would go, but I have no chance. But just to go in order to attend the games is not for me. I am now only 23 and I will still be ahead of the Olympics, so maybe later I'll go".The coaches, meanwhile, called the main reason why American women her desire to focus on preparing for the summer season on hard courts. Source: Ashley Harkleroad photographed for Playboy magazine (photo).

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