Famous porn star sells her Breasts for $1 million

Famous porn star sells her Breasts for $1 millionRecently Hollywood stars strictly adhere to the humane rule of "used" give to others".Their passionate fans the chance to buy the star house, a glamorous car, along with a concert or film outfits. The stars of the erotic industry their quirks. They appeared, and his chest to sell.Famous American pornodiva Jordan (Jordan, real name Katie Price), best known today as a top model, actress and singer, said it was ready to sell silicone implants out of my chest on the Internet auction site eBay. Potential buyers certainly is intriguing that in many respects thanks to this artificial Breasts, which she wears for eight years, came to her worldwide popularity. The price of "rarity" is $ 1 million.Explicit recognition of the star made during the broadcast of Sunday Night, broadcast on the British channel Channel4. To get rid of his sexual "burden" Jordan is going due to the fact that it plans to finally say good bye to the mean girls reputation. At least, wants her husband Peter Andre, with whom supermodels three children.Recall that Jordan, known for his whimsical and capricious character - a big fan of various unique attacks, which then happy to savor the public. Being pregnant with her third child supermodel forced his wife to wear a consignment stomach so he could feel at least a fraction of the suffering that has to experience it.By the way, the auction along with the breast model will be also exposed her family nest, located in the city of Oakley (Surrey). The initial price of the house - 3 million pounds ($6 million). Source: Famous porn star sells her Breasts for $1 million.

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