Scooter scandal in Moscow

Scooter scandal in MoscowNot having time to stay and several hours in the Russian capital, the legendary Scooter threw a fit. European singer arrived in Moscow in 2 hours of the day and then, from the doorway, cancelled planned for the evening press conference.VisitBefore the speech, which will be held tonight at one of the Nightclubs, 44-year-old overseas artist-blond scandal! Flatly refusing to participate in pre-scheduled press conference, Scooter yelled at the organizers of the upcoming performances. Dozens of Russian correspondents and journalists for several hours in vain waited for a famous guest.- They flatly refused to go to the press conference, citing fatigue and a General unwillingness to communicate with journalists, commented on the welcoming party.Workshops entreaties of the organizers of the concert have not been successful. According to shocked by the behavior of the stars of the organizers, artist in expressions did not hesitate, on selected German boldly swearing like a sailor. Noise lead singer of Scooter did, still not speaking... It is not over yet! Source: Scooter scandal in Moscow.

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