The paparazzi mistook Britney Spears with her DoppelgangeR

The paparazzi mistook Britney Spears with her DoppelgangeRAmerican photographers mistook the notorious pop diva Britney Spears with a girl, extremely like her. Making a number of photos tanned blonde on the beach in Malibu, paparazzi, I realized that he made a mistake, reports the Daily Mail.The idea that half-naked beauty - that's Britney, photographers led bright girl's hair collected in a ponytail, her round belly and a revealing bikini.However surprised the paparazzi were filming double Spears on the beach, a real singer in a completely different form appeared before the court held a hearing on the custody of their two children Britney and her ex-husband Kevin Federline. It is reported that in court the singer is seeking permission to spend the night with their children, 2-year-old Sean Preston and one-year-old Jayden James.The final decision of the last meeting of the High court have not been disclosed, but his spokesman Alan Parachini noted that a three-hour closed hearing was held favorably for Spears. Details of the court decision were not disclosed. However, media reports claim that the mother is now able to spend nights with their children. Source: Paparazzi mistook Britney Spears with her DoppelgangeR.

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