Star swaps the Studio` Andrei Bocharov broke his ribs

Star swaps the Studio` Andrei Bocharov broke his ribsLast weekend with the legendary "Sonny" from "swaps the Studio" had an accident. As it became known LIFE.RU, Andrew came down with unlit spiral staircases residential houses, stumbled and fell headfirst.With terrible pain all over my body Bocharov bedridden: the doctors came to his home.TraumaAfter Andrew felt a strong pain all over his body, he could hardly stand on his feet. Friends and colleagues immediately called the ambulance to the actor, and "the son" received medical treatment.The diagnosis was disappointing - broken ribs, cracked ribs and numerous bruises on his back.- A few broken ribs, one cracked, severe contusions of the back, and the most annoying was sober, - says Andrew.Now experienced physicians prescribed the artist of strict bed rest. However, even at home, usually where reigneth peace and comfort, Bocharova something interferes. Or rather, someone: a declared enemy of the people ...the cat that is causing the humorist allergies.All night I was attacked by a cat begged to lick the back or I smell it up close. Keeping eyes and hair I have red - shares Bocharov.Leila Mukhamedzyanova Source: Star swaps the Studio" Andrey Bocharov broke his ribs.

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