Keira Knightley won the heart of Ralph Fiennes

Keira Knightley won the heart of Ralph FiennesRalph Fiennes, who, as we found out, didn't kill a kid and ever - dogs, began to sing the praises of his partner in "the Duchess" Kira Knightley.The actor insists that she showed a very Mature approach to the role. Naturally, he judges according to their joint, as they say, very stressful (still, after they played husband and wife, between whom there is love) scenes. Kira, in his opinion, has everything you need to become a real star in Hollywood. Here's what he said in an interview with USA Today:"Kira is a very clean person, amazingly open for her age. She has a natural spontaneity and liveliness. This is the crucial thing, you can't play, and it is".Well, similar words, and even from the lips of the most magnificent actor, which - I hope nobody is going to challenge it, is Fiennes, are expensive. And that. what they deserve, there is something to be proud of! Source: keira Knightley won the heart of Ralph Fiennes.

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