Plushenko will cause Baturina to fight in TV show

Plushenko will cause Baturina to fight in TV showOne and a half years as a celebrated Evgeni Plushenko happy with his girlfriend, producer of Dima Bilan Yana Rudkovskaya.A pair of long concealed their relationship, and because of Yana and Zhenya were in the midst of divorce proceedings. However, now the stars of sports and show business do not deny that happy together. However, overshadows the idyll of the problems with ex-spouses, says Komsomolskaya Pravda.The fact that the ex-spouses do not allow Plushenko Rudkovskaya and to see the children. But at Yana's showdown with Victor Baturina has turned into a real war - in almost every interview Baturin ex-wife commemorates a bad word."Viktor lately offends not only me and Dima, but Evgeni Plushenko. We with Eugene already ran out of patience!" - admitted to the correspondent of KP Yana Rudkovskaya. At the same time, Eugene is extremely outraged that Baturin on every corner offends his bride. "I'm a man, I grew up with sports, and I'm not afraid to stand up for himself and his beloved, - said the athlete in an interview with the tabloid. When we were dueling, then in the 90's, people were also appointed "arrows" to sort things out between themselves. Now everything is different, more civilized. Through the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" I call Victor Baturin on fight to show of the First channel "king of the ring"!According to Plushenko, his future opponent already notified thrown at him "the glove": "Jana wrote him," continued Evgeni Plushenko. But he said something unintelligible to say: he is the officer of the guard, and I'm a clown, who never even served in the Armed forces. He said I was scared to go with him to the ring. Now, I don't know what he guard officer Baturin, and I'm a senior Lieutenant. And received the title of Minister of defence Sergey Ivanov. Yana and Dima've been through enough from his various escapades.At the same time, the newspaper notes, the press service of the "First channel", which opens the project "king of the ring" doesn't know anything about the upcoming fight between Evgeni Plushenko and Victor botulinum to him such proposals, the skater is not addressed. However, this idea they are willing to consider. Source: Plushenko will cause Baturina to fight in TV show.

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