George and Laura Bush divorce because of Condaliza rice

George and Laura Bush divorce because of Condaliza riceRecently in the American "yellow press" had spread rumors that George and Laura Bush are going in November this year, will expire as soon as the presidential term of Bush, to announce his divorce.According to the publications of the Newspapers, it was so bad that the couple almost not talking. One of the employees of the White House said that once the presidential couple quarreled to the point that an angry Laura left the presidential residence, and spent the night nearby hotel.Close Laura say that she was very tired, and determined to leave with her husband. "They continue to stay together as if to "save face" while George Bush is President," they say.According to those same close-to-Chet Bush, the presidential couple have already discussed the terms of the divorce. Soglasno agreements, Laura will receive compensation in the amount of $ 20 million.According to the version of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the cause of the crisis of family relations became a novel of George Bush with Secretary of States Condoleezza rice. Source: George and Laura Bush divorce because of Condaliza rice.

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