Young Russian Directors prepare `fabulous` revolution

Young Russian Directors prepare `fabulous` revolutionDespite the fairly intensive development of contemporary Russian cinema, films for children, we have removed very little.This adverse situation has decided to fix a few young filmmakers, graduates of VGIK, led by Elizabeth Solomina, man, in which the global idea of "the Tale of the twenty-first" and took real shape."Skazka XXI" is a project unprecedented for our children's movie, neither in form nor in content. The picture consists of 4 short stories, 4 stories, each of which takes a separate Director. All of the participants are quite young Directors - in addition to the Elizabeth Solomina novel will be put Alexander Barshak, Konstantin Statskiy and Bakur Bakuradze. Bakuradze from this company the most titled. At the recent Kinotavr it with the movie "Shultes" took the Grand Prix.It all started, says Elizabeth, with her course work. She wrote the script, which gradually acquired three more stories, and which showed a great interest many people from the film business. Now tape production company GDP-Alliance together with Movie-pro, and General producer of the tape acts as Mikhail Porechenkov. "We all have children and we decided that something needs to be done and for them. Not everything is for sale, and not all blockbusters. I wanted to do something for children that they look at our fairy tales," says the actor, who in addition to producing paintings played in her Teddy Bear.Thanks largely to the efforts of Mikhail Porechenkov in the picture has been acting to attract the cream of Russian cinema. And the stars are really a lot: Konstantin Khabensky, Igor Petrenko, Mikhail Kozakov, Ekaterina Klimova, Artur Smolyaninov, Aleksey Serebryakov, Daria Moroz, Gosha Kutsenko and Irina Pegova, Andrey Smolyakov, Gregory there .At the moment almost filmed three short stories, ahead of shooting tales Bakura Bakuradze, namely these days are shot the final scene, unites all four heroes of fairy tales. Preliminary release date is scheduled for the end of the year.Apparently, "the Tale of the twenty-first" is not a joke to cheer up Russian children's movie, Yes, probably, even not only kids, because even adult actors with unprecedented excitement to talk about their bright impressions after reading the script:"When Anastasia Perova, the film's producer suggested we read the script, we are like one night took these stories, and I thought I was going to read one, two, tomorrow is still revered, and gradually making sense of the material. Sat down and avidly read all four stories! And we realized that we wanted to play in all the stories of all the characters! - says Igor Petrenko. I love Bulgakov, and here I just saw something Bulgakov. A lot of all sorts of oddities. Write a very good language. I'm interested to read these stories, something in them is real".He was echoed by Ekaterina Klimova: "When you walk into the project, there is a financial interest, is an interest in film, there was a very interesting scenario. I first time probably in my life read such a full, voluminous, and funny, and sad at the same time scenario. Just on the top five. There wasn't even any hesitation to participate in this project or not to accept.".

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