Takeshi Kitano: I don't like Directors

Takeshi Kitano: I don't like DirectorsThe Director Takeshi Kitano in Moscow was very extensive program. Received from the hands of Nikita Mikhalkov's "George" for contribution to world cinema, he is Japanese carefully Packed my tuxedo in a suitcase.After a few days Mr. Kitano went to a master class in cinematography in a lightweight striped jacket (something similar to the jacket, Ostap Bender), thin gray pants and white sneakers.In the auditorium of the Cinematography was Packed. Students sat at each other's shoulders and took place a few hours before the appointed time, the Russian was showing "Dolls" but that future Directors and writers know by heart.Mr. Kitano came without delay, in their continued support of the interpreter, gray-haired woman in a long skirt and with a very measured and calm voice. Unfortunately, as such the master class did not work. Film critic Valleys (he was entrusted to lead the event originally began to ask the Director questions autobiographical in nature, thereby, turning a master class in the press conference. Students get bored and was dripping in the room was unbearably stuffy. Everything else the students wanted to hear the answers to their questions to the master.When the dialogue film critic and Director ended, the students began to ask their sometimes strange, sometimes naive, funny and cute questions. I was surprised, laughed and joked. His faithful interpreter of its measured tone translated word for word. During the master class came two thoughts: "Why is it called "master class"? What students learn? Where something similar to what you did Tarantino in Cannes?" and "What happened to the Cinematography? Where is the frenetic energy that he broke out of everyone who entered the building on the street Wilhelm Pieck? Where the famous VGIK devilry in the eyes of the students?" The communication scheme is repeated again and again: the Question of translation from Russian into Japanese - reply - translation from Japanese to Russian - applause. Nothing happened. But it's cinematography! The film Institute is always something going on. Bound to happen.For a moment it seemed that everything was back in its place. A journalist from Korea took the microphone: "Mr. Kitano, my question will be very easy. Easier than you were before. I just want to be photographed with you". After that, the Korean went to the scene to the Director, they turned with her back and we started taking pictures. It was just a breath of fresh air. "The more I ask these questions not to ask", - said Valleys and continued the usual pattern of the press conference:Mr. Kitano, you can name your favorite Director?- Can't select any of the Director to whom had tender feelings. Can't say that I love all Directors. Except that David Lynch inspired me, but it doesn't mean I love everything he does. Akira Kurosawa have taught me, but he wasn't my teacher. He did not give me any technical skills, but very kind to me.- Can become a Director without education? (Takeshi Kitano has no education Director and other education-related movies. He has no higher education. - Approx. Days.).- To become a Director of any means are good. Immediately, without learning to make movies or if you have money and time to learn. Is the boss not it. The main thing to ask yourself the question: "Why am I doing this?" And most importantly to yourself to answer this question.- What are the main points for the Director?- Main thesis - not have any key messages.- Do you believe in God?- I believe in God, when I feel bad, and he whispers something good. When I feel good, I lose my faith.What are the principles of working with actors?- Such a master as Akira Kurosawa had their principles of working with actors. For example, he gave the actor an hour and a half improvisation and filmed what makes an actor. I have no such principles. If I don't like how the actor played the role, I just cut it during installation. If on the set, I tell him how to play, and he's not listening to me, I just turn the camera from him, and may he himself plays. The only thing I demand from the actor, then the full impact.- You like anime?- No, I'm not a fan. But I can not say that this art form is something unworthy.What kind of relationship you have with your producer? You have to fight for creativity, as it has been happening?- With my producer I'm involved almost family-related. I only headache bring, and he protects me. But I'm afraid that this relationship will truly be related. Disagreement does not arise. My producer is older than me and more like an adult than I am. He indulges me, that's why I produce such useless products.- You had to defend themselves from someone with his fists?- Yes. I fight and fight often. In childhood generally often misbehaved. Well, the problem with the police were. Such were the problems, I will confess to you.After talking with the students I was awarded the honorary prize of the Institute and offered to lead his directing workshop at VGIK. Mr.

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