Viktor Belan no longer hidden behind the `Dima Bilan`

Viktor Belan no longer hidden behind the `Dima Bilan`Alias Dima Bilan in the last few years gives rise to new proceedings. After the Moscow city court ruled that Dima Bilan can perform all the hits that he recorded in collaboration with the late Yuri ayzenshpisa, around the name of the singer new scandal erupted.Viktor Baturin after divorce with Yana Rudkovskaya was claimed ownership of the name "Dima Bilan" and claimed that the singer and his producer owes him a large sum.For Yana Rudkovskaya this state of Affairs was almost critical, because to lose Bilan she could not, given the success achieved, the singer for the last time. But henceforth, for "Dima Bilan" never hides Viktor Belan - it is the real name of the Bilan. The singer officially became a - in his passport clearly says "Dima Bilan". Yana Rudkovskaya, which reported the news, unable to hide her immense joy."As you know, Dima passport - Viktor Nikolaevich Belan. But for us, this name terrifies and already dreaming of nightmares. So we decided to change this phrase. Now on the passport he Dima N. Bilan," said Rudkovskaya. Apparently, the name Dmitry lost his right to have the full form. And now even the lines in the passport chanting: "Dima, Dima!".

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