Call girl talked about abortion Malinovskaya

Call girl talked about abortion MalinovskayaFor several months in the yellow press have been a love triangle Masha Malinovskaya, businessman Denis and some of Yana Tess. Not once it was reported that Denis gave Mache expensive gifts and at the same time had an affair with Jana.It's a complicated story began in Courchevel, where Malinovskaya went to rest in the new year holidays. There Mary met with Jana, who was invited to the resort as escort influential friends Malinovskaya, in one word she needed was for them to have fun in between dancing and skiing. Yana was paid not only stay at the resort, but for an intimate relationship with the aforementioned businessman Denis, the girl got watch CHANNEL 3 thousand dollars. During the rest Yana asked to be photographed with Malinowska and her friend Dennis, in the future, these photos have played a role in spreading dirty rumors about Masha. Five months later, when Yana Tess decided to become a singer, in order of PR she sold photos of Courchevel and spread the rumor about an intimate relationship between her, Malinovskaya and Denis. Presenter Masha Malinovskaya did not attach much importance baseless gossip that tabloid Newspapers often published. However, the last statement about abortion Malinovskaya, which supposedly made him, after learning about the betrayal of the father of her unborn child - businessman Denis, could not leave indifferent even the patient Masha.- There is a limit, let me ascribe a non-existent novels, but as far as pregnancy and abortion, this is too much, " says Masha. Such slander and you can sue! With Denis we have exceptionally friendly relationship, love, and even more pregnant by him and speech cannot be. I'm sorry Ian, who decided that the scandal with my participation will help her to break through to the big stage. No talent in this girl, no, the only thing she can draw attention to your creativity, that's my name. Source: the Girlfriend told about abortion Malinovskaya.

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