Spain restored windmills don Quixote

Spain restored windmills don QuixoteIn Spain again earned the old windmills that fought the hero of the famous novel by Miguel de Cervantes "don Quixote". The knight of the sad figure took windmills for giants.Three out of ten preserved in the municipality of Campo de Criptana (it is about 200 kilometres South of Madrid) windmills, built over 500 years ago, again powered.Stone white windmills, called Sardinero, Burletta and Infant, almost completely retain their ancient mechanism. For their restoration was allocated 840 thousand euros, marks RIA "Novosti".According to historical Chronicles, in the early seventeenth century, when he wrote the novel "don Quixote", the so-called Mill hills at least 30 windmills. Preserved ten mills were declared in 1979 monuments subject to preservation and restoration.In 2005 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the release of the immortal novel of Cervantes was created tourist route "my Dear don Quixote," which runs along the places where once roamed the Knight of the sad figure.Traveling along the route with a total length of 2.5 thousand kilometers, you can visit the Museum of Dulcinea in the town of Toboso, in the cave of Montesinos, to see dozens of medieval palaces and castles, relax in the old taverns and Inns, where, presumably, stayed a literary hero and in which hikers can vintage dishes described in the novel. Source: Spain restored windmills don Quixote.

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