Sienna Miller got in touch with a large multimillionaire

Sienna Miller got in touch with a large multimillionaireArranging his personal life, British actress Sienna Miller, does not shun any means.Pre-breaking the heart of her ex-fiance Rhys Infas, Sienna got in touch with a married multimillionaire with four children, writes The Daily Mail.Western media enthusiastically discuss novel 26-year-old actress with 33-year-old actor, a former drug addict, heir to an oil Empire, Getty Oil Company, Balthasar Getty.Thus, according to the tabloid, Sienna and Balthazar were together for a few nights. In turn, the actor's wife Rosetta, learning about the adventures of her husband, immediately flew along with their four children in Italy.It is unknown what the outcome of a new love adventure fatal blonde Miller. In fact Balthazar Getty has never been exemplary behavior - at one time he suffered from addiction and conquered the hearts of Hollywood Actresses such as drew Barrymore and Mila Jovovich. Source: Sienna Miller contacted a large multimillionaire.

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