Found the missing pieces of tape `metropolis`

Found the missing pieces of tape `metropolis`Chinoiserie was already desperate to find the missing fragments of the film "metropolis", a classic dystopia of Fritz lang, published in 1927 and has since inspired many filmmakers - without it could not be, for example, or "blade runner" or "Star wars".And finally, on the day of the missing film was found in Argentina.Earlier this year, two Argentine film fans found in one of the museums cinema brittle film, "age" which was in fact more than 80 years. Helmut Possmann, head of the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, having the rights to the tape, admitted that after learning about the discovery, incredibly happy. "We didn't expect to see these pieces. From time to time we receive calls about them, but turned out to be a false alarm".At the time, "metropolis" had not enjoyed commercial success and almost slithered to the bottom of who shot his Studio, and now he has become the first film, listed in the UNESCO programme Memory of the World, guarding the outstanding cultural achievements.. According to some, the film is still considered one of the most expensive project in history - all adjusted for inflation. Shortly after the premiere, to achieve greater "smotribelnoy", the film was subject, and there are several versions of the metropolis. For many years there were attempts to restore the original version, but it turned out that almost a quarter of its lost forever.According to the German weekly Die Zeit, it was found that candistribute Adolfo Z. Wilson from Buenos Aires acquired in 1928 the full version of the tape, and a copy of the result appeared in the archives of the local Museum of cinema. Found out about it, two cinephile - one of whom heads the archive is found the spool of film and sent to Germany DVD recording for analysis.Helmut Possmann from the Murnau Foundation reported that the experts confirmed the authenticity of the film. "Now the picture can be seen as intended by Fritz lang. By and large, now we will see a completely different movie." The timing of the original depends on the speed at which it scrolls the film, but according to Possmann, the original version of "metropolis" now lasts just over two and a half hours."Found 20-25 minutes of the film complement the characters of the second plan and shed light on some previously obscure details of the plot - happy Helmut. But the film still lacks about five minutes. Poor condition of the films so far found that is not possible to say exactly how much time will be spent on its restoration. Perhaps the process will take several years". Source: Found the missing fragments of the film "metropolis"".

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