Announced the shortlist for the art award the Turner Prize

Announced the shortlist for the art award the Turner PrizeBritish gallery Tate Britain yesterday announced the shortlist for the Turner Prize, the most famous in the world awards in the field of contemporary art, another winner which will be announced on 1 December and will get £25 thousandThe work of the four candidates that will be on display at Tate Britain until mid-January, once again confirm her scandalous avant-garde reputation.Yesterday in London at the Tate Britain Museum opened the exhibition of shortlisted artists for the Turner Prize. All artists included in the current shortlist - Runa Islam, mark Leckie, goshka Matsuga and Cathy Wilkes fit into the unspoken rules of the award that encourages the most avant-garde antics. The nominees or the winners scored all major art brawlers in recent years - from Damien Hirst with his sheep in formaldehyde to Chris Ofili, using the work of elephant dung, and Tracey Emin, empowering everyone in the intimate details of his tumultuous sex life. This year's nominees continue in that tradition: no one does in a painting.Turner Prize - on behalf of the painter William Turner - was established in 1984 and since then is awarded annually to artists who were born, live or work in the UK. The Turner prize has a reputation as one of the most radical and uncompromising of awards in the field of contemporary art. The composition of the jury changes every year, but usually it consists of a writer or literary critic, Museum curator from the UK and foreign representative of the artistic community.Cathy Wilkes from Scotland presented an installation called "I'll give all your money", which is composed of two banks from supermarket and many small items such as bowls of dried oatmeal, jugs, burnt wood and hair. Next to the cash registers, there are two female mannequin, one of which, with horseshoes on the neck, sitting on the toilet and the other with a birdcage on his shoulders, which encompasses the head of the dummy. Work Mark Leckie is a video lecture on contemporary pop culture.Goshka Matsuga, who was born in Poland and now living in the UK, exhibited a series of collages, United by a common theme: the romance between British artists Paul Nash and Eileen Agar. Collages made from photos taken the Floor in the first half of the last century, and surreal drawings Eileen. Collages Gosha matsugi accompany significant size of the structure made of steel and glass.Runa Islam was born in Bangladesh, the most famous of the nominees: her films were shown at the world's largest Biennale, and she has already several Museum desktops. At Tate Britain, you can see three of her video: "First day of spring," depicting a sleeping rickshaw in Dhaka, "Cinematography" on the work of videocrazy in New Zealand and See first what you see, as you see." The last movie depicts in slow motion as the woman plays with a porcelain vase, and then drops it on the floor and smashes.The exhibition is open to visitors until January 18 of next year. The winner of the competition, which will be announced on 1 December, will receive a £25 million (euro31. 5 million). Last year the winner was mark uollinger (see "Kommersant" on December 5, 2007), who suffered in the Museum tent camp of the famous British picket-demonstrator Brian Ho, who for five years has performed in London at the square in front of Parliament, demanding to cancel economic sanctions against the regime of Saddam Hussein, and then to withdraw British troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Such explicitly political works, this time at the exhibition there, but, perhaps for the first time in the history of the award, in the list of nominees win women. So far, only a number.Seda, Eghikyan Source: Announced the shortlist for the art award the Turner Prize.

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