Katya Gordon demand to return back to `the lighthouse`

Katya Gordon demand to return back to `the lighthouse`After the dismissal of Katya Gordon with the radio "Mayak" there have been major changes not only in the life of the controversial radio presenter, but also on the radio.The program, which Kate was conducted jointly with Dmitry Glukhovsky, the beginning sharply to lose your audience. The ratings, which were established over recent years, have recently started to fall. This could not affect the radio ratings in General. A huge number of listeners calling in with a request to return the lead back on the air. Students argue that the program has lost its status and moved from being spoken in music. Music whether leading Gordon? Objectively, no. The question arose about how to find a replacement for Gordon. Unfortunately, such was not. Recently Katya substitute Alla Dovlatova and tutta Larsen, but even these pros are unable to meet all requirements of listeners favorite programs. By the way, the management of the radio station wanted to bring Kate back, but all the bridges are burned and there is no turning back for both sides."I don't deny the fact that Kate can go back, everything in life is possible - says LIFE.RU George - program Director "the Lighthouse".Soon listeners will hear your favorite leading - but on another radio. Two of the capital's radio station invited Kate to become his "face" and "voice". Source: Kate Gordon demand to return to "the lighthouse"".

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