Donald trump: publicity as a way of life

Donald trump: publicity as a way of lifeHe loves beautiful women - why not organise a prestigious beauty contest? He loves luxury homes it will build them.He loves the risk, the excitement - so will risk his fortune, all lose and then climb to the top. When he need money, he will issue bonds backed only by his word of honor - and will win again. And if you ask how all he does... he will write a book. And it will become a bestseller.He owns the skyscrapers in new York, a network of casinos, as well as contests "Miss America" and "Miss universe". The personality trump is a vivid illustration of the history of the "american dream".Donald John trump was born June 14, 1946 in the family of four children. From childhood he was no different easy character and is perhaps why was his father's pet. And the dad Donald - Fred - was brutal and violent temper. The son of poor Swedish immigrants, who lost his alcoholic father at age 11, he was able to make a fortune in $20 million for the construction of cheap houses in new York.At the age of 13 his parents sent Donald to the new York Military Academy. And there he tempered steel: Donald learned the true meaning of competition and realized that to achieve the desired well to be a little aggressive. After College and Fordham University in new York, and then with the best results on the course Donald graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where in 1968 he received the degree of bachelor of Economics. In young, the future brawler was strange: do not drink, do not smoke, party did not go to the fair sex was indifferent. All these weaknesses will manifest themselves much later, when there will be something to lose..."There are many ways to make a career, but the most loyal of them to be born in the right family" - it is thus started Donald your way to billions. And, deftly balancing on the verge of luck and fraud, he was torn up. For starters, he bought his father a bankrupt quarter of the 1,200 apartments in Cincinnati. For what? It's simple: the project was supported by the state... in excess of the cost of reconstruction of housing. The complex was purchased for $6 million and sold in a year with 100% profit.1974 for trump is the year to start an independent career, in 1974, he held his first solo deal. A bankrupt railway company Penny Central Railroad he bought was built in the early XX century and is already a very old Commodore hotel adjacent to the station "Grand Central". Miraculously, the authorities agreed to grant him a deferral of taxes on the property for 40 years, banks have disbursed loans to $70 million in financing construction in the place of the Commodore of the new hotel, and the Hyatt Corporation has provided its brand. And soon in place of the old Commodore was the luxury hotel "Grand Hyatt". Luck!But trump was trump only after the construction of the Trump Tower. In 1979 he received in a multi-year lease for $45 million to the building Department on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th street in Manhattan. By unreal effort, bribery and perseverance got the weight necessary permissions, cleared the loans ... and three years Later, in 1982, took place on the lush opening of a stunning 68-story trump tower, at the time the tallest and costliest buildings of reinforced concrete in new York. The building was struck by a six-story atrium, a 25-metre waterfall and the lobby is decorated with pink marble. Only in 1988, trump received with this building $100 million ($90 million received other co-owners) and $30 million for the land under it.Eighties generally were trump is very good - all projects have brought him millions, he was popular and invulnerable. Unlike risk nineties... In the mid-1990s, everything collapsed. The company Donald trump was unable to service its debt by $9.8 billion, of which $900 million was must personally Donald. But he floated. No, he didn't come to the finish line first - it has come to Board the most famous and most happy.Business never interfered with Donald to fully enjoy life and all the beautiful things she gave. First wife of Donald trump became a Czech model and sportswoman of Ivanna Zelnick. With Donald trump they lived together for 12 years and divorced in 1990, during the divorce process she was able to sue Donald trump $17 million, a huge house and $650 thousand monthly on the content of three children.Following his wife, Donald trump became a model and actress Marla maples, but the marriage only lasted four years, and trump has become poorer "only" $2.5 millionThird choice Donald trump has become a model Melanie Knauss. Without paying a dime, Donald trump gave his bride a ring worth $1.5 million Platinum ring decorated with 15 diamonds totaling 13 carats, he received in advance for services that Donald trump was going to have a jewelry firm Graff. However, it's good to be a billionaire with a name that by itself generates income?In the book "trump. How to become rich" tycoon gives expert advice how to make the first billion. For our readers - the quintessence of the wisdom of the billionaire.1. Always dress in accordance with their cultural level. Clothing says a lot about us even before we open mouth.2. Intentionally harm their reputation. This is a good way to evaluate people with whom to communicate.3. Become your own financial Advisor4. Stick with the winners.5. Let's back. If you are under pressure, respond with the same. If you insult, attack with all possible force and energy. An eye for an eye.6. Do not neglect hairdressing. The New York Times called my hair "the complex structure that it is better to give to the judgment of the architectural critics.7.

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