The legendary Shoe designer has created sandals for $2 million

The legendary Shoe designer has created sandals for $2 millionNo one can answer the question of why women are so hopelessly obsessed with shoes. But sometimes there's only one look at a pair of luxury shoes is enough to understand this weakness.And what if the Shoe manufacturers follow fair sex? Whose heart can resist new sandals from Stuart Weitzman, which are not inferior in value to the ultramodern yacht?This work of art, the American idol of the fashion industry Stuart Weitzman created together c jewelry by Le Vian. They came together not by chance: both brands inherent desire for beauty and the desire to create something spectacular and unusual.Evening shoes, which they presented recently at a party Le Vian in Las Vegas, worth $ 2 million. Hence it is clear that it was not without precious stones, ancient traditions which famous company Le Vian, founded 500 years ago.Sandals have a sleek, slim, sole of leather with silver plated thin thread of diamonds, circles the fingers. Recognizable handwriting Stuart Weitzman! The main feature of the shoes is luxurious ankle bracelet composed of a chain of large drops tanzanite bordered round faceted diamonds. Each tanzanite gem, shimmering in all shades of blue, weighing 16 carats. And the total weight of all the "tears" is as high as 185 carats! The weight of the diamonds used is 28 carats. In General, from chic sandals is hard to look away, as those who worked on them, apparently, knew about the dream women. Source: the Legendary Shoe designer has created sandals for $2 million.

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