Lead singer of `Chile` had an accident

Lead singer of `Chile` had an accidentRussian celebrities continue to add to the list of road accidents. A party next of the accident was the lead singer of "Chile".Recall that recently the TV presenter Tina Kandelaki has not coped with management, and Vladimr Tishko almost ended up under the wheels of a car. In the car Irina Bully "flew" the girl who wanted to "slip" at a red light. At the traffic lights artist along with his driver stopped to wait out a red light. When lit green, personal driver Irina started, then felt a strong kick. Because the offense inexperienced girl chauffeur actress drove her in the side. But the blow was not strong, suffered only bumper and fender, and the members safe and sound. Source: the soloist of the group "Chile" had an accident.

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