Paul McCartney has found a new wife

Paul McCartney has found a new wifeLegendary singer sir Paul McCartney has announced his decision to marry his American girlfriend, 47-year-old Nancy Shevell, reports the Telegraph.Although the divorce process 66-year-old actor and his second wife Heather mills ended recently (March this year), the artist decided to tie the knot. Nancy the other day, too divorced her husband Bruce Blackmanos, after which the lovers began to actively prepare for the wedding.At once, sir Paul may not worry about their condition, after all, his new passion is the heiress of a wealthy American family and the Vice President of a major transportation company, inherited from her father.We will remind, the first wife Linda McCartney, with whom he has lived for about thirty years, died in 1998 from cancer. Sir Paul greatly grieved, but four years later found the strength to start a new life and married former model Heather mills.Their marriage lasted until may 2006, after which the couple entered into a long legal battle. First sir Paul offered his wife 15.8 million pounds. That, in turn, demanded 125 million.In February 2008, mills decided to take only 10 million and offered to settle the matter peacefully. But the musician chose to complete the divorce process in court. In the end, the ex-beatle was ordered to pay his former wife of 24.3 million pounds."I'm so happy that the divorce proceedings were completed," said mills. - I do not oppose the decision of the court, I am pleased, as decided the case, but I'm strongly against the publication of the details of this solution, because it contains a lot of personal details relating to me and my daughter". Source: Paul McCartney has found a new wife.

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