Gus van Sant will shoot a film about Allen Ginsberg

Gus van Sant will shoot a film about Allen GinsbergOne Creator of the independent front decided to film a biography of another. Gus van Sant'll produce a biopic about the life of the famous poet, the founder of the beatnik movement - Allen Ginsberg.Plot outline will be based on the prosecution Ginsberg, caused by the publication in 1956 of his controversial poem "Howl", in which reactionary America caused an uproar and was recognized as almost the devil. Strathairn will play Prosecutor Ralph McIntosh, Alda - judge Clayton horn, Daniels - prosecution witness Professor David kirk, Parker - star radio and prosecution witness Gail porter, Rudd - literary critic and defense witness Luther Nichols. The role of the Ginsberg went to James Franco ("Spiderman", "Tristan and Isolde").The script will be written by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. To Finance the project will be WMA and Cinetic Media. Source: Gus van Sant will shoot a film about Allen Ginsberg.

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