Four main versions of the death of Ruslana Korshunova

Four main versions of the death of Ruslana KorshunovaFive days ago in new York killed 20-year-old model from Kazakhstan Ruslana Korshunova. Police said that the girl committed suicide, jumping from the window of the apartment on the 9th floor.But all are perplexed: what made Ruslan to commit such a terrible thing? Maybe someone helped her to make the fatal leap?In the American press and on the Russian forums discuss several versions of the tragedy. Here are some of them:1. Korshunova was depressed because of problems at work and in personal lifeInvestigators did not find a suicide note, but the files in the computer could replace her. Shortly before the death of Ruslan wrote that he misses home and family, about the problems in his personal life...The experts found under the fingernails of the girl traces of alien skin and DNA (as is the case if the victim tries to resist violence). American journalists write that the girl was distraught after breaking up with her boyfriend Artem Personam. Supposedly the new guy, mark Kaminski, was not for her who was Artem. Again, having difficulty at work.Mom Ruslana - Valentine Kutenkov - 't believe in suicide daughter. "She told me about problems at work about a year ago, that she wants to quit modeling. But lately, she was doing fine. If she had problems with work, she would say to me," says Valentine.2. The girl was killedIn favour of this version tells the incredible trajectory of the body of Ruslana. In his blog, someone named R. P. Barr writes:"I was in new York and seen the news stories about suicides jumping from Windows. Their bodies fall near the walls of the house. Here the girl flew into the middle of the road. To jump so far is simply impossible. Another thing, if someone strong pushed the girl".3. With Ruslana had been killed by a mafiaThe most exotic theory that nevertheless in America discuss seriously. Here is what the newspaper "Los Angeles times": "Ruslana's Death may be related to her desperate desire to escape from the nets of the Paris-new York-Moscow mafia, which controls young models-Teens and forcing them to have rich escort services".4. Model zombieAccording to some reports, in January of this year Korshunova attended psychological training in one of the Moscow companies. They say she passed two levels - basic and advanced - and it undermined her nervous system and worsened the depression.The company, which was engaged in Ruslan, a fairly well-known. There develop leadership skills, learn to achieve success in your career. However, on the forums some have called this company a sect. Supposedly, listeners naturally zombify: people shaken psyche, they quit their jobs...READ IN THE NEW YORK PRESSMom Ruslana bought her funeral dressThe newspaper "new York post" reported yesterday that, according to the police, at the time of suicide, the model was home alone - the door to her apartment was locked. In the bathroom was a mess (the usual Ruslana said to her friends), but there was no sign of a struggle. Police found a few bubbles from drugs with labels in Russian, as well as the knife that Korshunova, believed to cut a hole in a building grid, agradable her balcony.Tuesday mom Ruslana - Valentine Kutenkov, - who arrived the day before in new York, visited the apartment of the daughter on water street. She stared at the window on the ninth floor, from which, according to the police, jumped Ruslan. According to the newspaper "daily news", then Valentina went to the store to buy a dress in which no mother would never want to see my daughter, and funeral... the rest of the day was devoted to the preparation of documents for delivery of the coffin with the body of Ruslana in Kazakhstan.By the way, along with others in the airport of new York Valentina met two former boyfriend of her daughter - Artem Perchonok and mark Kaminsky. Both opponents were the last person to speak with the deceased. Now each of them claims that it was him Ruslana was going to celebrate its 21st anniversary, which took place on Wednesday."I was her first love," said Perchonok journalist "new York post" and showed the tattoo on his wrist, which he did after the death of Ruslana, her name written in Russian. According to Artem, they gathered together to go to Atlantic city is the largest gambling facility on the U.S. East coast.But mark Kaminsky, who became the new model boyfriend a few months ago, claims that Ruslan was going to go with him on his birthday "on nature in Pennsylvania". "She was always with me," says mark. - About Artyom we never even remembered".Andrey BARANOV.FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTHKorshunova was trying to win half a million dollarsThe Alma-ATA Ruslana's friends try not to read the material about it in the Newspapers or in the Internet. "Too many outright nonsense", - they admit. Now, however, many of them remembering the details, which previously attached no importance.- We met with her, when she came to Alma-ATA in may, recalls her friend Dinara Bagautdinova. She was the same as always, cheerful and open. We even got together to go to rest at sea. Alas, that never happened. She was called the Agency. And Ruslana once casually mentioned that sued their agents who kept a significant portion of its fees. In the lawsuit she indicated the amount of 500 thousand dollars. However, Ruslan's not particularly worried that they could lose the court. Or because of the money she could face danger.LOOK PROFESSIONALCEO modeling Agency Point in Russia Elena ERMOLAEVA: "In the West many models cheat".

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