In London sold rare the collected works of Shakespeare

In London sold rare the collected works of ShakespeareAt the London auction house Christie's antique books including the first edition of the plays of William Shakespeare, known as the "first folio", went under the hammer for 435 thousand pounds sterling (874 thousand dollars).According to the newspaper The Telegraph, in 1623, when the volume was printed, it was worth 20 shillings, that is, 100 pounds current money.From drawing of the "first folio" to have survived for about 200 copies. This edition is considered the most important in Shakespeare studies: thanks to him we got about half of the works of the great playwright, Shakespeare's life is not printed. Among them was the tragedy of Macbeth, the Comedy twelfth night, the Tempest, the taming of the shrew and As you like it".435 thousand pounds for the copy of the first folio - low price. In 2006, one of the volumes of this edition was sold for 2.8 million pounds, and in 2001-m - for 4.9 million pounds. Source: London sold rare the collected works of Shakespeare.

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