Angelina Jolie was discharged from the hospital

Angelina Jolie was discharged from the hospitalFamous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie was discharged from the hospital in nice, where last week gave birth to twins, reports the associated Press.Jolie with children left the clinic on Saturday at dawn, about four o'clock in the morning. Cameras the associated Press managed to shoot only as leaves black van with tinted Windows."Newborns and their mother feel good," he declared on Saturday to journalists, the representatives of the clinic, who confirmed the information about the statement of the actress.Twins named Knox Leon (Knox Leon and Vivienne, Marcheline (Vivienne Marcheline) came to light last Saturday night. Earlier it was expected that deliveries will take place in mid-August.The right to publish the first pictures of the newborn were sold to one of the American Newspapers for $ 11 million that brad pitt and Angelina Jolie are going to donate to charity.In addition to twin babies, a 44-year-old pitt and 33-year-old Jolie four children: three adopted children - six-year-old Maddox from Cambodia, four year-old pax from Vietnam and three year old Zahara from Ethiopia, as well as own daughter, Shiloh Nouvel, born in Namibia in may 2006. Source: angelina Jolie was discharged from the hospital.

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