The President of Zambia was buried a second time

The President of Zambia was buried a second timeOn Tuesday we heard rumors about the death of Zambian President levy Mwanawasa. Relatives of the head of state said that he died in a hospital in the French capital.Note that in early July, has already received reports that the Zambian leader died in a Paris hospital. But these data were later refuted by officials.59-year-old levy Mwanawasa was hospitalized in July after hypertension attack. The President felt ill during the XI summit of African States, which was held in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm al-Sheikh. High-level patient was transported to France and placed in the intensive care unit of the military hospital of Percy in Paris.In early August, Minister of health of Zambia announced that the state of health of the President is "stable, but still very weak", RIA "Novosti". However on Monday, 18 August, the health levy Mwanawasa has deteriorated sharply, and the President needed the help of surgeons."The team of doctors said that the operation was successful, although the President is still very serious," said Vice-President of Zambia Rupiah Gangs, receiving the results of surgery.However, later relatives of the head of state acknowledged that doctors were unable to save the life of levy Mwanawasa. "Yes, I can confirm that the President died this morning," said who asked to remain anonymous relative of the late Zambian leader.Recall that in the fall of 2007 in the hospital died other head of state. As written, the Days.Roux, the President of Republika Srpska, part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milan jelić died of a heart attack. Despite all efforts, doctors were unable to save 51-year-old policy. Source: the President of Zambia was buried a second time.

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