The ranking of the most tearful movie

The ranking of the most tearful movieDon't know about you, but I really love from the heart to weep for some lifetime TV movie. And, apparently, I'm not alone.For example, the Sporting News ranked films that even athletes are forced to drop the avaricious man's tears. See which movies can touch Alexander Ovechkin Nikolai Valuev:20 location of the film "it's a wonderful life" 1946 release. How desperate to the insurer from heaven to earth came down guardian angel.On the 19th line, "Schindler's List", the story which, I think, no need to retell.18 is the position of "Radio wave". The film is about a depressed police, managed using the radio to communicate with his late father.17 the film "dead poets Society" by Peter Weir. About private boarding school for boys, new teachers and a love of poetry. No vulgarity.16 the place of "Forrest Gump" is a legendary film by Robert Zemeckis, largely glorified Tom Hanks.15 sports film "Normal" with Robert Redford in the title role. The movie tells about the life of baseball player Roy Hobbs. It would be strange if the athletes didn't appreciate it.14 "the Shawshank redemption". Apparently, a story about life in one of the darkest prisons of America can unbalance anyone.At # 13 "Big fish" by Tim Burton. Wonderfully beautiful film about the difficult relationship between realist-the son and the dreamer of a father.12 "Favorite". The film has everything to squeeze in humans tear: and the mule, trying to climb to first place at the races, and sighted rider.You will not believe it, but there are people crying over "Lord of the rings". 11th place is the movie "Lord of the rings: the Return of the king".Open top ten "the passion of Christ. It is difficult to imagine the fighter, three hours to a number of weeping over the creation of Mel Gibson, but in religious ecstasy people could do worse.On the ninth line of the movie "Alien". Hollywood classic film by Steven Spielberg with a tiny drew Barrymore in one of the main roles.In eighth place "the Green mile". Here I rated absolutely agree. At the sight of Michael Clarke Duncan, I want to hug him and cry.The honorable line of another film Spielberg - "Saving private Ryan". And again Tom Hanks.In the sixth position movie "Pride of the Yankees" is a chronicle of the life and career of the legendary baseball player Lou Gehrig.In fifth place was the movie "Rudy" - this time a football story.In fourth place is "brave heart". There certainly is something to shed a tear.Opens the top three "Life of Brian". The 1971 film, tells the story of Brian Piccolo, the player in American football.In second place, disney's "Old Yeller" is a story about friendship between a boy and a lop-eared dog.But most athletes crying over the movie "Field of dreams" with Kevin costner in the title role. The story of how a simple farmer from Arizona, listening to the voices in his head, in place of the corn fields had built a baseball. Source: the Ranking of the most tearful movie.

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