Mathematician named fashion 80's unnatural

Mathematician named fashion 80's unnaturalProfessor of mathematics at Oxford University said that popular in the 1980-ies extravagant hairstyles were not only questionable from the point of view of good taste, but also contrary to the natural ideas of beauty, reports the Telegraph.Marcus du Sotw (Marcus du Sautoy), the author devoted to the symmetry of the book "In search of moonlight" (Finding Moonshine), called asymmetric hairstyles "worst extreme," that his compatriots fell into the ' 80s.The Professor emphasized on what kind of caused your hair soloists British group A Flock of Seagulls and The Human League.In his speech at the ongoing UK Cheltenhem science festival du Sotw explained that in nature, symmetry is always a symptom of something significant and attracts attention.In particular, the physical symmetry can serve as an indicator of good genetic data of a particular individual, and therefore its attractiveness as a sexual partner.The Professor also referred to the Scottish study, University of Stirling, which showed that people, regardless of their race is considered a symmetrical face is more attractive. Du Sotw not explained whether the associated asymmetrical hairstyles with facial asymmetry, but categorically concluded that the fashion of the 80s should remain in the past. Source: Mathematician called the fashion of the 80's unnatural.

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