The Spears father would sell his daughter to the former son-in-law

The Spears father would sell his daughter to the former son-in-lawBritney Spears was again traded, this time to his own family. The father of the prodigal pop Princess wants to give his daughter in marriage. The most likely candidate for the role of husband and daughter, 53-year-old Jamie sees...her ex-husband.According to sources close to the family Spears, Jamie got in contact with Kevin and motherhood. It is known that the ex-son-in-law have long been experiencing serious financial difficulties. Spears-senior openly offered him a tidy sum of money (nearly three million euros!), in that case, if it again leads his daughter down the aisle. According to Jamie, the family life will keep the 26-year-old Britney from booze, in addition, their two sons should grow up in a complete family.However, according to rumors, the More conditions are not accepted. The rapper-loser began to bargain. One of the main conditions he put forward no new marriage contract. In addition, according to Kevin, the amount for the walk to the altar with Britney should be no less than three and a half million euros. However, according to friends of the family, Motherhood has given prior consent. Source: Spears Father would sell his daughter to the former son-in-law.

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