Madonna kind to clean

Madonna kind to cleanClean - the guarantee of health. And as a pledge of glory and fortunes. Apparently, it is the main motto that should be a world famous pop Queen Madonna.Otherwise, why would the legend of the world pop scene so respectful of perfect purity, which must be not only in its numerous mansions around the world, but also in all the hotels where she plans to spend at least one night.As told by employees of a luxury hotel in nice French, where during his world tour and should stay picky Madonna, they advance the order came to make the room all stars, sorry, bowls and carefully disinfect them. Supported the staff and the staff of the concert hall Palais Nakaia, where Madonna will present his show. They did exactly the same order. Moreover, personal toilet singer, after a thorough disinfection ( in the paper from the stars is even stated how necessary to carry out a similar procedure) no one shall approach closer than 5 meters. "Borders on paranoia!" - whispering, forced to perform extra work employees.- Yes I am!- proudly retorted, Madam, " in the first year of our marriage guy also tried to have me redo it, get rid of this pathological, to his look of disgust. But now used. I can't help myself. Friends too many times I hinted at the fact that these scruples, at least, strange. But I was always like that!Her feel sick just thinking about all the filth that was once flushed down the toilet, "said an employee of the touring teams the stars," but she's a Queen, can afford any quirks. People still pay for her concerts! Source: Madonna kind to clean.

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