Tarantino got to Hitler

Tarantino got to HitlerHaving dealt with the bill, Quentin Tarantino decided to take on Hitler. According to leaked information, the new film will be even more bloody than the previous one. If such thing is possible."Each of you owes me one hundred Nazi scalps. And you will bring me a hundred scalps, cut from the head of hundreds of Nazis, or you can die", -so instructs his soldiers to sabotage the protagonist of the new film a dashing Lieutenant Aldo Raine, whose role will perform brad pitt, quoted an excerpt from the script of The Times.The film will include scenes cut swastikas on the heads of defeated enemies, scenes of strangulation closeup and firing genitals - signature Tarantino style immediately recognizable.The film tells about the fate of a group of American soldiers, Jews by birth, abandoned in deep behind German lines with the aim of sowing chaos and destruction, and, of course, hunt for Nazi scalps. The working title of picture - "Filthy bastards" (Inglorious bastards).Artistic guidance for Tarantino in this case is the American military propaganda 1944-1945 years, and also the early, not yet affected by the political correctness war movies, like "the Dirty dozen" 1967.Filming will begin on October 13 in Berlin, and to complete the work Tarantino plans to the next Cannes film festival, where he intends to present the film.Although filming hasn't started yet, German film critics already grasping at heart - the Germans in the film are portrayed as absolute evil.As noted by one of them, Thomas Knabe in Suddeutsche Zeitung, Tarantino tries to reconcile the irreconcilable - the Holocaust and mass pop culture.In Germany is very strong guilt for the crimes of Nazism, so German culture tends to use this era to talk about the great tragedy of the German people, deceived by their leaders, of the sacrifice of a rare anti-fascists, on heavy atonement. The same point of view they are trying to impose Hollywood and the rest of the world.Tarantino's determined not only to portray the Germans in an extremely negative light, but to turn the great tragedy of the German people in a post-modern banter. However, the Director himself said that his new job has no relation to the past, and is addressed primarily to the problems of modern society.However, probably this is his main purpose of the controversial Director. Source: Tarantino got to Hitler.

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