At Baskov in the Elevator had an attack of claustrophobia

At Baskov in the Elevator had an attack of claustrophobiaUkraine Nikolay Baskov came to shooting "Christmas light". Arriving in a five-star hotel in the centre of Kiev, tenor panicked: it turned out that his room Suite is located on the top floor.Nicholas tried to explain to the receptionist that continue for several floors in a small iron box", that is, in the Elevator, for him, a real disaster. And it's not the star signs of the disease, but a real phobia.Nikolay Baskov feels uncomfortable in closed spaces - lift and smaller spaces, the artist begins claustrophobic. He again had to panic as soon as he crossed the threshold of their room. It turns out that Nicholas Ryder stated that during the tour he needs a spacious room, with at least two rooms, but instead the singer lived in a narrow room.The artist has felt dizzy, and his assistants helped him to descend to the ground floor at the stairs. The Elevator tenor again did not dare to enter. After the scandal with the clerk of the Basques moved to another hotel, where he was placed under the rider in a spacious Suite on the first floor.But the trouble singer is not over. When the Basques came to the film Studio named after Dovzhenko, where they filmed "a Christmas light", he was already waiting on the lady filming is a Ukrainian singer Taisia Povaliy. Ty and nick sat at the table and asked us to congratulate viewers. Basque as usual, began to swagger and grimace. As a result, the chair was shaken, the singer flew out of the frame and crashed to the floor. Meanwhile, the Director of "Spark" Alexander " quietly told the film crew, who is he going to invite to a Christmas musical "Golden fish", which will soon be removed in St. Petersburg.It turned out that Nikolai Baskov tipped the role of Ivan fisherwoman, a goldfish will play Sofia Rotaru, and the old Woman reincarnated Verka Serduchka. Source: Baskov in the Elevator had an attack of claustrophobia.

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