The stripper section Alexei Glyzina

The stripper section Alexei Glyzina The restaurant format of the event included slight hooliganism, but what I saw ladies and gentlemen in the restaurant "Stolz", exceeded the most immodest expectations."Russian radio-2" celebrated its anniversary extravaganza holiday "Red letter day"... In the midst of the holiday to the guests entered the strippers, one of whom had his eye on the national pop star Alexis Glyzina.Alex kept his head and not huddled in a corner, which caused the respect of others. Moreover,Glysine already had to carry strippers - Ukrainian contest Striptease in Odessa.And this time he began to get up such that the window glass of the institution almost went out from ecstatic screams, shrieks and clattering.The singer repeatedly told that groupie to him is clearly not indifferent. Some of them heard the rumor that Alex supposedly loves to sign on naked girls ' bodies.And once offended the girls set fire to the apartment of the singer - apparently, he refused to someone in his attention."And the limo lifted fragile handles..." - says Alex."Tore my clothes off, one day on me almost nothing left, so hardly escaped backstage...".

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