Nicolas cage again fights the Apocalypse (trailer)

Nicolas cage again fights the Apocalypse (trailer)Next year comes the Alex Proyas Thriller "Knowing" with Nicolas cage in the title role. The first trailer has appeared online.This time cage is brought before us humble teacher who has to save the world, writes portal to The Hollywood News. The plot of the story takes place in 1958, when at the opening of a new elementary school students were asked to draw pictures for future generations. Then it is the work of the children was placed in the capsule, descendants of which will be open in 50 years. And here in 2008, "a time capsule" solemnly open. Among the pictures found a strange piece of paper with rows of numbers that falls into the hands of one of the pupils. His father, played by Nicolas cage, intrigued by the mysterious find, decode numbers are a code. After reading the text, he realizes that before him the prophecy, describing with precision all of the major disasters of the past 50 years. Moreover, it says about the near future and that, of course, for the Earth is bleak. It only remains for seven days. The world need to be rescued.We emphasize that Alex Proyas ("I, robot", "Dark city") does not aim the creation of a disaster movie. This is a painting about the time, sacrifice and struggle, he said. The trailer deep philosophical background felt is non-singular, believe in the Director's word.Source: Nicolas cage again fights the Apocalypse (trailer).

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