Mike Tyson is accused of the contract killing

Mike Tyson is accused of the contract killingFamous boxer Mike Tyson again came under the attention of the police. At this time it is much more serious than his last associated with Smoking marijuana.Witnesses at the trial of one of new York gangs told the court that Tyson was the customer of murder.This process affects the case of drug dealers from the area of Bedford-Stuyvesant, where previously lived Tyson. The process is dedicated to extortion on their part. A gang called "the Brotherhood of cash" was headed by brothers Damion hardy, nicknamed the World and Myron hardy, nicknamed the Wise.Tyson had to do it at least indirect: with them was related to his friend and bodyguard Darryl Baum speaking with the nickname Killer. He died after in 1999, one of the founders of the "brotherhood" - Myron hardy - was killed. After that, the district began a series of brutal killings of all suspects.According to one witness, after the murder Baum in 2000, Tyson announced a reward of 50 thousand dollars for the murder of Damion hardy. After that, the gang members decided to eliminate the Tyson. Were even found two artists who followed the movements of a boxer. According to the witness, then they refused conceived, allegedly after learning that the boxer is a Muslim.As informs RIA of "news", Mike Tyson vehemently denied any connection with these events. "I'm tired of people swinging my name," he said in a special statement issued on this occasion.However, to his credit - Tyson always did not care how loudly and often people say his name. In connection with the scandals it sounded long ago, and even the ring has not escaped them - just remember how he bit off Evander Holyfield ear piece during the battle. But much louder Tyson declared himself in police logs: rape, drug use, prison... Despite this, not long ago, he stated that he is thinking about returning to professional sports. However, not having time to reflect on that, Tyson was involved in a scandal about the murder. Source: Mike Tyson is accused of the contract killing.

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