Vladimir Pozner closed the program `the Times`

Vladimir Pozner closed the program `the Times`Vladimir Pozner made the decision to close the program "Times", which was eight years in the air of the First channel. The author himself explained this decision by the fact that I'm just tired from this program.He said that instead of "Times" will air out a new program, which combined the elements of the interviews and talk shows."She's in the air eight years that the program was such a long time. It seemed to me that to some extent she has exhausted itself. Because we have limited himself to a certain subject, Willy-nilly, had to invite people relevant to the topic. After eight years to find a fresh face extremely difficult", - "Interfax" the words of Posner.In an interview with the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" eminent journalist explained that in this event there is nothing negative."I've spent eight years doing this project. It seems to me that the task I had set initially to ensure that the viewer had more or less accurate picture of what is happening in his own country and what the people involved - it was possible to run.He added that in the end would like to do something else. "I agree with Konstantin Ernst at the end of June. I'm coming out with a new project already in the middle of September. This program will be an interview because it's my favorite genre. Interview with one person, without an audience. In the weekly format. And so three times a month. And on the fourth we will invite a hundred people in the Studio audience for one person. And it will be a talk show.He also promised that he will broaden the range of topics discussed. "Of course, it will be the policy. But also culture, art, and sports. It all depends on what we think to be important this week," said Vladimir Pozner. Source: Vladimir Pozner has closed the program "Times"".

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