Son Rudkovskaya sent to school Baturina mistress

Son Rudkovskaya sent to school Baturina mistressSeptember 1, son of Yana Rudkovskaya and Viktor Baturin Andrew went to the first class, but Viktor was against the presence at a festive lineup of his former wife.Even the gifts that Jan gave eve to the sons, were not transferred to the children. With requests to see their children Joanna have to write telegrams in the name of her former husband, which Baturin in turn, leaves unanswered, writes .Nevertheless, I still managed on this festive day, despite the prohibitions of the ex-spouse to see his son and spend a few minutes with him alone. It should be noted that the feast on the occasion of September 1, Andrew brought not beloved father, and his mistress Ilona. Sam Baturin said later. They stood next to Andrew on the festival lineup. Joanna and her mother Svetlana Nikolaevna places nearby. They had to cheer up Andrew from the crowd: "Andrew, come on, do not be afraid!- excitedly shouted the boy mother and a grandmother.When Andrew saw that his encounter from school my mother and grandmother, he is a bit confused. They went to the game room to be alone. Andrei and his mother was very alert, constantly looking around, as if afraid of something. Only when the mother assured him that dad is not around, the first-grader was able to relax and, finally, smiled.Fortunately the mother and the child who had spoken the first time in nine months, there were no borders. Ian couldn't keep the tears from overwhelming her senses. Source: Son Rudkovskaya sent to school Baturina mistress.

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