Woody Allen has made ovation from Paramonov

Woody Allen has made ovation from ParamonovThe audience gave a standing ovation at the premiere of one-act Puccini Opera "Gianni Schicchi, set in the Los Angeles Opera woody Allen.According to a columnist for the New York Times, the famous Director was nervous and did not find the strength to go in the right direction: "Right as Alvie singer [hero allenovskim Comedy "Annie Hall"]".Allen allowed himself some liberties, for example, he changed the ending: the hero, Schicchi, dies, addressing the audience (in the original, he just talks to the audience). The prologue of the Opera Allen also made his own way: on the scene back titles appear with quasi-Italian names like Giuseppe Prosciutto and Oriana Fellato. At this time, behind the scenes street band plays the popular song "Funiculi Funicula". Costumes for productions made in the style of black-and-white movie, not only allenovskim, writes the correspondent of The New York Times, and the Italian: for example, "I soliti ignoti" ("unknown Attackers", Comedy Mario Monelli with the stars of the 1950s and Marcello Mastroianni, Vittorio the Gassmana, Toto and Claudia Cardinale).In the Los Angeles project Opera "Gianni Schicchi" was the third in an evening of one-act works by Puccini, usually grouped under the General title "Triptych". The other two parts - a "Cloak" and "Sister Angelica" - put another film Director: William Friedkin (the French connection" and "exorcist"). Source: woody Allen has made ovation from Paramonov.

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